Rockers Slam Crash Clown

Brief Canadian Human Frailty era article about a slam dancing phenomena.

Author: Unknown.

Date: October 1986.

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Article Text

Australian rockers Hunters and Collectors declared war on slam dancing on their recent visit to Canada.

And the Hunters won their battle of the dancing drills without resorting to taking any prisoners in Regina, Saskatchewan, where they were promoting their fourth album, Human Frailty.


Slam dancing, for the uninitiated, is where dancers deliberately crash into each other just for the thrill of it.

Hunters and Collectors leader Mark Seymour said: “John Archer, our bass player, jumped down off the stage and tried to break it up.

“We can’t stand it because we like a good cross-section of people to be down the front and slam dancing doesn’t let that happen.

“This slam dancer was an ice hockey player about 185cm tall, standing over John. We all ended up down in front of the stage just standing there with our arms crossed.

“Things were a bit dicey until these guys realised everyone else wanted to listen to the music and they backed down.”



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