Scoring The Clubs

Brief postive US article introducing Hunters.

Author: Craig Lee, LA Weekly.

Date: 20-26 October 1986.

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Article Text

Hunters and Collectors tread a thin like between anxiety and elation, musically locking into mind-grooves that impolode to the soung of garage-o-matic guitars, crispy drum attachs, a three-man horn section and the neuro-destroy emotionalism of head Hunter Mark Seymour. For these seven guys from Australia the heart is a lonely hunter, and they collectively explore those basic psychic dysfunctions and awakenings that are found in the vast desert expanses and intense urban sprawls of their Down Under homeland. Their latest album, Human Frailty, is their most focused and accessible work yet. But these Hunters are primarily a live band, where Seymour’s intensity and the power of the brass bring the excitement to the boiling point.