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Hunters decide to bring cricket to America…

Author: One Step Beyond Promo Productions.

Date: June 1987.

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For Immediate Release
To: Anyone interested in Unusual (Silly) Things
From: One Step Beyond Promotions

Subject: Hunters & Collectors vs. One Step Beyond cricket match to be the first sports arena cricket match in the Bay area…Is this the beginning of a major new sport trend in America, or is it just a bunch of homesick foreigners doing silly things like catching a ball without a mitt and running with the bat?

Date: Tuesday, June 16th

Time: 3:00pm start: 4:30pm tea break; 8:00pm victory celebration

Place: San Jose Municipal Stadium, corner of 10th and Alma Streets.

“Howzat,” “that’s not cricket,” “Sticky wicket,” “Out for a duck,” “Leg before wicket,” and “Bowled a googly” are all phrases heard in England at this time of year on village greens and cricket grounds throughout that country. On Tuesday, June 16th around tea time, the Bay Area will be treated to similar sounds as the English owned nightclub One Step Beyond takes on the popular Australian band Hunters & Collectors in a cricket match.

Australia and England have been in fierce opposition on the cricket pitch for many years and so it was natural for the rivalry to continue several thousands of miles away from home. When One Step Beyond threw down the gauntlet for a cricket match challenge, Hunters & Collectors jumped at the opportunity to avenge Australia’s recent defeat by England. The band even rearranged their tour schedule so that they would have the 16th off for this historic match-up. The band will be appearing at One Step Beyond the following day, Wednesday 17th June. Given the high cost of touring these days, especially for a band from another country, taking a day off for a cricket match indicates just how much of a priority this games assumes. To the English and Australians, cricket isn’t just a game, it’s a way of life.

Cricket has been crudely described as the English form of baseball. Both have in common bats, balls and runs – however that is as far as the similarities go. Cricket games have been known to last five days, go several hours without scoring a run, fielders catch the ball (it’s a hard ball than a baseball!!!) with their bare hands, batters run with the bat and the game always breaks for tea at 4:30pm. It is rumoured that One Step Beyond has trained some Americans in the intricacies of cricket as a “secret weapon” against the unsuspecting Australian team.

ON the 16th the match will be limited in duration to four hours so spectators won’t have to bring sleeping bags – although it might be advisable for those slow periods in the game. The stadium doors open at 3:00pm and the game begins at 3:30pm. A traditional English tea, complete with cucumber sandwiches, will be served at 4:30pm and a victory celebration at a location to be announced during the game will finish the evening at 8:00pm (or earlier if either team is solidly beaten). A large crowd of confused spectators and eager supporters is expected and refreshments will be available.

This rather unique and silly event will take place at the San Jose Municipal Stadium (home of the San Jose Bees baseball team – baseball is a much cruder version of cricket) at 3pm sharp. Admission is free to the public, and for those who can’t get away college radio station KSJS will be broadcasting the play-by-play action live on 90.7 FM starting at approximately 3:00pm. Hunters & Collectors will be more than willing to meet fans and sign autographs throughout the day. There will be free records and posters available to fans that are inquisitive enough to learn about cricket. For those of you who have no idea what cricket is all about, a copy of the rules of cricket (much abbreviated) is attached. If you don’t understand the Rules – don’t worry – come see this first major sports arena cricket match in the Bay area and find out just what a sticky wicket and a googly really are.



Thankyou to Stephen for typing out this article for us all to enjoy!