Hunters and Collectors At Mac May 23

Canadian Living Daylight era article on the band.

Author: Freestyle.

Date: 14-28 May 1987.

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One of the admirable qualities of Hunters and Collectors is their outward dedication to their quality product teamed up with the hunger for a hit record. They will not compromise one for the another. An intense touring routine is just one indicator. Mark Seymour openly sees the success of the band in the near future.

The current touring schedule brings them into Hamilton for the first time. On May 23 at 8:00pm in Mac’s Downstairs you will be expected to witness one of this generation’s most influential bands in terms of creating a new mould. Whether or not you see them this time, or, if they break big, their creative approach to the structuring of music and lyrics will be openly ripped off by many to come.

Mark Seymour is vividly proud of the band’s current E.P., ‘Living Daylight’ and the now complete late summer release of their fifth album. Whereas before they did not capture the exact feeling they desired on an album, the E.P. and forthcoming album hits the spot.

Hunters and Collectors have been together for seven years now with their formation and base being Australia. Their most ardent fans have almost gone through the life cycle of music perfection with the band. There is an elation when the band hits the epitome of perfection far surpassing the levels of bands content with just good. Their lyrical content evokes personal and political situations we take for granted and ignore. Hunters and Collectors want to wake people up in a semi-subtle way not a violent reactionary one. It is a quality that makes the best politicians. But don’t get them wrong, Hunters and Collectors are not a political body.

They are first and foremost the musical reference to variations in rhythmic structures and its incorporation with remaining song elements. A wise Hamilton musician should see them do their stuff. Hunters and Collectors are at their best performing on stage. And by the way, ticket prices are a very reasonable $3.75 for students and $4.75 for guests. It sure beats the $10.00 plus at R.P.M.’s in Toronto. So make a Mac Friend today and of course we’ll see you there.