Who Named the Hunnas?

Brief letter to the editor on the naming of Hunters and Collectors.

Author: Smash Hits.

Date: ~1990.

Original URL: N/A.


Article Text

Dear Dazza,

I demand more of Hunters and Collectors in Smash Hits!!! I am becoming very, very sick of reading about New Kids On The Block all the bloody time! Now, tell me something. I’ve never been able to find out if there’s any meaning behind the Hunnas’ name. Where did it come from?

– Mark Seymour’s Favourite Sweaty Singlet, Newcastle, NSW.

Your feelings are duly noted. Of course, since 99 per cent of our readers looove the New Kids, whether we do anything about it is another thing altogether! Anyway, Hunters and Collectors take their name from a song by a fairly obscure German group called Can – most of whom are now more involved in production, though there’s rumours that they may reform (can you bear the wait??!). One of them helped the Eurythmics with their first album and another produced quite a few albums by… guess who… Hunters and Collectors!