After Ten Years

Brief article on CD reissue of Hunters albums.

Author: InPress Magazine.

Date: 17 July 1991.

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Article Text

After ten years of touring and recording, Hunters and Collectors are releasing, at last, their back-catalogue on CD. Some of their past material has already been revived by the band, most recently on their Collectors Works album, and following the success of that album the band have decided to finally put all their previous catalogue in order.

The first item on the agenda was the Australian release of Fate, the US re-package of the What’s A Few Men album, that included re-mixes and extra tracks not included on the original local release.

During the next two months Mushroom Records will also be releasing a limited edition box of four CD’s, Skin, Bone and Bolts, which includes the H&C original album and the first EP World Of Stone, The Fireman’s Curse, Jaws Of Life and The Way To Go Out, complete with redesigned artwork and re-mastered CD’s. This one will sell for $44.99, and should hit the shelves on July 22nd. In August Human Frailty will be re-released, with bonus tracks from the Living Daylights EP.

The band are currently working and composing a new album in South Melbourne, a suburb H&C have dibbed ‘Earplug City’. Mark Seymour says “to sat that this album will be different from the last one would be an understatement and for an objective opinion on the project at this stage in the process, it might prove most fruitful to ask the rehearsal studio janitor!”.