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Date: 1998.

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From their humble beginnings in 1981, Hunters and collectors went on to create some of the most phenomenal Australian music. Often having a following described as “cult”, they had a sound that was gritty, rocky, and uniquely Australian. Extensive touring overseas has seen the band also harvest a fanbase internationally, awed by a band who were willing to wear it’s heart on it’s sleeve while pushing musical boundaries with each release. It wasn’t until the release of “Human Frailty” in 1986 when the band had tasted success and drew the attention of the Australian Public. However, by the time the band decided to call it a day, they had created a place in Australian music history that will see them influencing many new acts both musically and lyrically for years to come. Hunters & Collectors had evolved into an intensely sophisticated musical machine.

After sixteen years, Hunters & Collectors had decided to cal lit a day, pledging no further reformations. The years of gruelling touring and constant recording that had made Hunters & Collectors a household name had finally taken their toll. But instead of the band deciding to go out with a whimper, they went out with a bang –

“Juggernaut”. “Juggernaut” was a testament to the band’s depth of talent and rugged individualism. The group tapped into a creative wellspring that yielded eight of the songs in only ten days. Mark Seymour’s preoccupation with struggle and survival in the face of adversity continues, with his customary lyrical directness of addressing a person or situation as if they were directly in front of his face in full effect.

New bands and solo careers sprung from the ashes of Hunters & Collectors. However, the strength of what Hunters & Collectors created will continue to impress for decades to come.

Mark Seymour (guitar, vocals)
Ray Tosti-Gueira (guitar, vocals)
Geoff Crosby (keyboards)
Greg Perano (percussion)
John Archer (bass)
Doug Falconer (drums)


I will come for you at nightime
I will raise you from your sleep
I will kiss you in four places
I’ll go running along your street
I will squeeze the life out of you
And you will make me laugh and make me cry

And we will never forget it
You will make me call your name
And I’ll shout it to the blue summer sky
We may never meet again
So shed your skin and let’s get started
And you will throw your arms around me

(From “Human Frailty”)

hunters and collectors – DISCOGRAPHY

WORLD OF STONE: Released 19/1/82
Produced by the band themselves, the three tracks on offer here was the first vinyl release for the band.

Containing the classic “Talking To a Stranger”, “Hunters & Collectors” was the ultimate in double album debuts.

PAYLOAD: Released 29/11/82 Yet another 3 track record. Released with an accompanying video, it later combined with the selftitled album for release in the UK, Europe and Northern America.

FIREMAN’S CURSE: Released 5/9/83 (GOLD) After the release of “Judas Sheep”, the band went on to tour around Europe.

JAWS OF LIFE: Released 6/8/84 (GOLD) An Australian only released that also show cased a new band line-up. It also contained the single “The Slab”.

WAY TO GO OUT: Released 6/5/85 (GOLD) This record explores the sheer power of the band live as it was recorded at the now deceased Venue in Melbourne during 1984. This album/video exposes H&C to a wider range of Audiences. Contains the classic anthem “Throw Your Arms Around Me”.

HUMAN FRAILTY: Released 7/4/86 (DOUBLE PLATINUM) Respected by many as one of the all time great Australian records, it contains the hit single “Say Goodbye”.

LIVING DAYLIGHTS: Released 13/4/87 Another 3 track record, it showed a new found sophistication and sublety to the band, and paved the way for “What’s a Few Men”.

WHAT’S A FEW MEN: Released 16/11/87 (PLATINUM) Now known as “Fate”, this album contained the hit “Do You See What I See”.

GHOST NATION: Released November 89 (DOUBLE PLATINUM) “When The River Runs Dry” and “Turn a Blind Eye” both became commercially successful songs for the band without sacrificing any of their rock roots.

COLLECTED WORKS: Released 19/11/90 (DOUBLE PLATINUM) On the back of their most successful album, H&C released an album and video covering their career. They remastered “Throw Your Arms Around Me” especially for the release, and the record went to No. 6# on the ARIA charts.

CUT: Released 5/10/92 (DOUBLE PLATINUM) “Cut” saw the band dominate the ARIA Charts for a massive 96 weeks, and produced two top 20 singles. “Cut” had achieved Platinum status and was the longest charting and selling album in 1993.

DEMON FLOWER: Released 9/5/94 (GOLD) The band’s 9th studio recording saw the emergence of a new guitarist Barry Palmer (who later went on with Deadstar). Once again the band reinvented their sound and toured Europe and UK, only to return home to find their album debut nationally at #2.

LIVING IN LARGE ROOMS AND LOUNGES: Released 1995 (GOLD) After the success of “The Way To Go Out”, little was needed to prove that the band knew how to cut it live. However, the release of the double album “Living In Large Rooms And Lounges” only confirmed that the band were one of the hottest live acts Australia had ever produced.

JUGGERNAUT: Released February 1998 Released to coincide with their “Juggernaut – Say Goodbye” tour, “Juggernaut” spent only two weeks in the ARIA top 40. The final single “Suit Your Style” was released in May.

UNDER ONE ROOF: Released November 1998 Recording in Sydney during the “Juggernaut – Say Goodbye” tour, 17 tracks were lifted as a celebration of this fine Australian act.