Who: Mark Seymour Pop Ten

A quick ten pop questions from Who Magazine with Mark Seymour.

Author: Who.com.

Date: July 16th 2001.

Original URL: http://www.who.com/who/ew/music/20010716/Seymour-quiz.html


Article Text

The former frontman for Hunters & Collectors has released his second album, One Eyed Man, to glowing reviews; inspired the Wallabies (and their supporters) with a rousing version of ‘Holy Grail’ before the second Irish and British Lions Test in Melbourne and is currently touring the land with his first band since Hunters & Collectors retired in 1997. Who.com catches up with Seymour for a quick pop quiz.

* What was the first album you ever bought?
Blood on the Tracks – Bob Dylan

* What was the last CD you bought?
Echo – Tom Petty

* Who do you consider Australia’s greatest songwriter?
Probably Don Walker

* The song you most enjoy performing from One Eyed Man?
The Ballad of the One Eyed Man.

* Least memorable gig?
The Settler’s Tavern in Margaret River (WA).

* What book would you take on holidays if you were leaving tomorrow?
The Liar’s Club – Mary Carr

* An actress you never tire of watching?
Uma Thurman

* Favourite soundtrack?
Paris, Texas

* Last rivetting TV show that you watched?
Big Brother.

* The one question you never want a journalist to ask you again?
Do you get sick of playing ‘Throw Your Arms Around Me’?