A collection of Hunters and Collectors, Mark Seymour and Jack Howard promotional video clips. This page provides a list of these video clips, along with the videos themselves from YouTube.

Many videos found online appear on existing video releases. See:

  • Natural Selection (DVD)
  • The Way To Go Out (VHS; DVD)
  • Under One Roof (VHS; DVD; CD+DVD)
  • Mark Seymour – Ballad of the One Eyed Man (DVD)
  • Mark Seymour – From Bondi to Bedlam  (DVD; CD+DVD)
  • Jack Howard – The Story So Far (CD+DVD)
  • Various Artists – Best of Acoustic Volume 1 (DVD)
  • Various Artists – Sound Relief (4xDVD)



A Foggy Night 2016 [The Passing Parade EP]


Mark Seymour – Home Free 2015 [Mayday]


Mark Seymour – Red Flags 2015 [Mayday]



Hunters & Collectors Studio


Talking To A Stranger 1982 [Hunters & Collectors]


Lumps Of Lead 1982 [Payload EP]


Judas Sheep 1983 [The Fireman’s Curse]


Sway (unofficial) 1983 [The Fireman’s Curse]


The Slab 1984 [The Jaws Of Life]


Carry Me (unofficial) 1984 [The Jaws Of Life]


Say Goodbye 1986 [Human Frailty]


Throw Your Arms Around Me 1986 [Human Frailty]


Everything’s On Fire 1986 [Human Frailty]


Is There Anybody In There? 1986 [Human Frailty]


Do You See What I See? 1987 [What’s A Few Men? / Fate]


Still Hanging ‘Round 1988 [What’s A Few Men? / Fate]


Back On The Breadline 1988 [What’s A Few Men? / Fate]


When The River Runs Dry 1989 [Ghost Nation]


(Turn A) Blind Eye 1990 [Ghost Nation]


The Way You Live 1990 [Ghost Nation]


Throw Your Arms Around Me 1990 [Collected Works]


Where Do You Go? 1991 [Cut]


Head Above Water 1992 [Cut]


We The People 1992 [Cut]


True Tears Of Joy 1992 [Cut]


Holy Grail 1993 [Cut]


Easy 1994 [Demon Flower]


Panic In The Shade 1994 [Demon Flower]


Back In The Hole 1994 [Demon Flower]


Debris 2003 [Natural Selection]



Hunters & Collectors Live

Talking To A Stranger 1998 [Under One Roof]



Mark Seymour Studio

Hey Boys 1992 (with Paul Kelly) [Garbo soundtrack]


Last Ditch Cabaret 1997 [King Without A Clue]


The Ghost Of Vainglory 1997 [King Without A Clue]


Don’t You Know Me? 2001 [One Eyed Man]


The Ballad Of The One Eyed Man (unofficial) 2001 [One Eyed Man]


43 In The Shade 2004 [Embedded]


A Shoulder To Cry On 2004 [Embedded]


Westgate 2007 [Westgate]


Tobruk Pin 2007 [Westgate]


Cry in the Rain 2011 [Undertow]


Lorelei 2013 [Seventh Heaven Club]


Beside You 2013 [Seventh Heaven Club]


Sorrow 2013 [Seventh Heaven Club]


Caroline 2013 [Seventh Heaven Club]


Getting Over You 2013 [Seventh Heaven Club]


Football Train 2015 [Mayday]


Two Dollar Punter 2015 [Mayday]


Home Free 2015 [Mayday]


Red Flags 2015 [Mayday]



Mark Seymour Live




Jack Howard Studio

If I Were a Bird 2010 [Lost Horizon]


Try Again 2012 [Shadowlands]


Shadowlands 2012 [Shadowlands]


The Lark Ascends 2014 [Day of the Dog]


Panic in the City 2014 [non album track]


A Foggy Night 2016 [The Passing Parade EP]



The Avalanches – Stalking To A Stranger (Planets Collide Mix)