Crucible: the Songs of Hunters & Collectors

A positive album review for the Hunters and Collectors tribute album, Crucible.

Author:  Andrew Benson, Sydney Morning Herald.

Date: 26 September 2013.

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Crucible: the Songs of Hunters & Collectors (Liberation)
4 stars

Hunters & Collectors have recorded some of Australia’s greatest songs, so it’s only fitting that some of Australia’s best talent hopped on board to record this tribute album. Don’t expect straight-up, pub-cover-band-style remakes on this release, though; these artists do these songs their own way, and they do them justice. Right off the bat, Birds of Tokyo get things going with a layered, haunting version of Talking to a Stranger, Eddie Vedder and Neil Finn go down a more traditional route with Throw Your Arms Around Me but the highlights come with Paul Kelly and Emma Donovan, the Reubens and Husky producing fantastic versions of True Tears of Joy, Holy Grail and Blind Eye. This double CD also comes with the original versions.