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Early UK Virgin Records biography of Hunters and Collectors.

Author:  Virgin Records.

Date: January 1983.

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1983 sees Hunters and Collectors beginning again. The band who formed in Melbourne in May 1981 have, for the time being, relocated themselves in London.

The first chapter in their history is already well charted in their native land. The eight piece band cam together amidst the unemployed and college-leaver community of cosmopolitan Melbourne; the individuals concerned being drawn largely from a loose-knit group of writers, artists and musicians. Then followed a grounding in live work which found the band performing twice a week and, on occasion, travelling the thousand miles necessitated in touring their homeland. By the release of their first E.P. (‘World Of Stone’/’The Watcher’/’Loincloth’) on Melbourne independent, White Records, the band had accrued something of a cult following. Until Hunters and Collectors appearance a wider audience had been content to support the standard rock fare of most Australian bands. With the band’s continued live work, however, there came a breakthrough to a wider cross section of the public.

The legacy of this live work was the success of the ‘Talking to A Stranger’ single and the debut album, ‘Hunter And Collectors’. With little or no airplay both single and album attained the heights of the top twenty.
As well as being lauded for their live appearances, the band’s efforts in the video medium were also acclaimed. Richard Lowenstein, a mutual friend and documentary maker directed two film clips for the band featuring two tracks from their debut album. These videos once more served to attract people to the cause, complementing as they did, the band’s music perfectly.

Hunters and Collectors reflect the artistic and cultural upsurge currently taking place in Australia. the ideas and themes displayed, however, are universal, and, as they stress, the band veer away from being parochial.

The band are named after a favourite Can track; a salute to a group who survived the fluctuations of fashion and the transience of the music around them. This essence of self-determination and survival is something that Hunters And Collectors aspire to, but look set to achieve.



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