Lookback (In Style)

Brief article with picture about the Seymour brothers.

Author: Kellie Hush, In Style.

Date: April 2001.

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Mark and Nick

Mark and Nick

Do you see what I see? Mark and Nick Seymour up anchor on a career in sound waves.

1962. About to set sail on the ark of watermelon smiles, future rock stars Mark Seymour, 6, and brother Nick, 4, wore Mum’s homemade outfits on a family holiday in Maroochydore.

While big brother insists Nick, bass guitarist for Crowded House until they disbanded in 1996, “is the pop star”, Mark captained a colourful career of his own. Discovering the music scene at the University of Melbourne, he was soon fronting one of Australia’s great rock groups, Hunters and Collectors.

“There are still a couple of Hunters’ songs I sing; ‘Holy Grail’ and ‘Throw Your Arms Around Me’,” says Mark, who embarked on a solo career when the band split in 1998, after 17 years together. “And I’ll probably start playing some more.”

Encore, encore.