Elwood’s Best Kept Music Secret

A press release about Jack Howard from the Elwood RSL (where Jack plays regularly).

Author: The Elwood RSL.

Date: October 2002.

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One of the finest nights of original music in Melbourne is happening every Friday night at The Elwood RSL.

Well-known for its blues jams on Sunday afternoon, Fridays have seen Jack Howard and The Long Lost Brothers performing there since March.

What keeps the night fresh is that they also have a special guest perform each week.

On Friday the 4th October, they had an amazing crew down there – the band had Scott from The Living End guesting on bass and Emilie from Luxedo added harmonies and acoustic. The special guest for the evening was Sean Kelly from The Models (who also ended up playing with Jack and The LLB), with the fantastic Rosie Westbrook (Spencer Jones, Mick Thomas) and Kurt on harmonica. They also had a fantastic singer/songwriter, d. Henry Fenton, passing through from North Carolina, do a spot as well.

It was a riveting night of original music. And it happens every week.

The list of guests so far includes well-known players like Monique Brumby, Paul Hester, Matt Thomas (from The Mavis’s), Sean Kelly, Dan Hall (ex-Taxiride), Andre Warhurst (from Dashboard), Cathy Green (from X) and Rosie Westbrook, Rob Griffiths, Nicky Del Rey and his Slowtown Social Club, Alex Burns, and jazz great Ruby Carter with John McCall; up-and-coming acts like Kelly Malone, Kashan, Richard Gillard, Ros Girvan, a brilliant young group of ex-Wesley students (Jack teaches music there); and the beauty of the situation is that everybody loves playing there and wants to come back, because it’s such a relaxed environment, the beer’s fresh and it sounds great in there.

And, of course, Jack and his band are sensational. Jack played trumpet with Hunters and Collectors and has just released his second CD, “Secrets And White Lies”, and has gathered about him some of Melbourne’s finest musicians – Nicky Del Rey on guitar, Barry Stockley on bass, Greg Hynes on drums and Aidan Mcartney on trombone and acoustic guitar.

The music is passionate, powerful and deeply expressive, full of brass and driving rhythm and gorgeous guitar – and it happens every Friday night.

For details, contact Jack at jackhoward1@bigpond.com or the Elwood RSL, Ormond Rd., Elwood 95314331.