Mark Seymour September 2006 Update

Mark Seymour updates fans on his whereabouts and plans.

Author: Mark Seymour.

Date: 1 September 2006.

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The year is near its last quarter and it has been an incredibly busy one for Mark, despite not having a new CD in the stores – so much for ‘quiet time’.

We last updated you in February this year and in that update we mentioned that Mark was working on a theatrical production entitled ” We Built This City” which was a success artistically and commercially. This production celebrated the history of union labour in Victoria and the 150th anniversary of the Eight Hour Day. Mark wrote and performed songs specifically written to document trade union history for the production and was accompanied by the “Human Tide”, a thirteen-piece band made up of workers from a broad variety of industries throughout Melbourne. One song of particular note was “Westgate” which tells the story of one man’s ordeal who survived the collapse of the Westgate Bridge in 1972. Some of the songs in this project were written in collaboration with Adelaide poet Geoffrey Goodfellow and at least two of them will appear on Mark’s next recording. Mark felt it was a privilege to work on this project and he thoroughly enjoyed the performances.

For those waiting on Mark’s next studio recording… it should come out in the first half of 2007… Mark’s putting the finishing touches on it now and is also recording a couple of final tracks for it in the last part of the year. He has been working on the album with Cameron McKenzie, Tony Floyd and his brother Nick.

Over the last two years Mark has ventured into soundtrack music in close association with guitarist/producer Cameron McKenzie. Last year the Telemovie “Through My Eyes” went to air in September. It was a comprehensive re-telling of the Lindy Chamberlain story over two ninety-minute episodes and featured 118 separate pieces of music. Mark’s voice appeared in songs such as “Salem”, “Flower in the Dark” and “Kapunya.” Two new film ventures are planned for 2007.

For those who missed Mark performing round Australia this year, there are a few more live appearances slated for 2006 – check out his tour dates section on the site for more information. For those in SA, we hope to have Mark visit in Feb/March 2007 !.