Welcome To 2007 AD

Mark Seymour greets fans into the new year.

Author: Mark Seymour.

Date: 22 January 2007.

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The nation’s beaches are jammed with sun crazed funlovers and the Victorian hills have been on fire since December.. There are people up there fighting the flames FOR NOTHING. Imagine that! Your entire holiday gone in the service of others… These vounteers protect homes and lives from potential cataclysm every summer, for no PAY!

In the third week of January, in stark contrast to the heroism of these unknown Australians we are greeted with the news in the annual report of the Australian Wheat Board, that former executives incriminated by the Cole inquiry into illegal kick backs to Saddam Hussein, received golden handshakes on their departure worth millions of dollars. How obscene is that? Hell you say. That’s free enterprise. Love it or leave it. You gotta wonder why those fire fighting heros in hills actually bother… Despite the wretchedness of others, these great Australians still have a deep respect for humanity, and simply want to do good and help others.

On the subject of helping others, Australia is still helping Uncle Sam out in Iraq. Our armed forces who of course deserve our deepest loyalty and respect are over there doing their best to keep the flame of democracy alive in a gruesome civil war. What a farce! Our forces were wrangled and manipulated by a ruthless and cynical prime minister who still hasn’t come clean as to what the real reasons were for helping to unleash a war that has caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent human beings. This is a man who goes to church every Sunday and praises the love of Jesus. Of course there is a very simple way of looking at all this. Let’s just put John Howard’s spirituality aside for one moment and consider this: If Iraq’s principle export was brussel sprouts our forces wouldn’t be there and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis would still be alive. It looks like 2007 AD is shaping up to be a cracker.

The good news is that we went to the tip the other day to get rid of a bit of hard waste, piled up on the back of the trailer. My daughter found a music DVD underneath a pile of horse manure. Jeff Buckley live in Chicago. We watched it last night .Pure gold. For some reason I’d never paid much attention to Jeff. Now there’s a man who never lied.

I’ll be out again this year doing what I do. A new album is due. It’s called “Westgate”…Stay tuned for more news pending this web site getting repaired because of the problem of being bombarded with pornographic spam. There are people out there in the cyber world who spit this stuff out. Not sure why. Still, relatively speaking it’s a small thing when compared with the overall state of the world and it’s corrupt leadership. We’ll soon have it sorted out.

Have a good year,