A Clarification on the Flag Story

Mark Seymour further comments on his flag article.

Author: Mark Seymour.

Date: 4 February 2007.

Original URL: http://www.markseymour.com.au/index_news.htm


Article Text

Greetings friends

I have found it necessary to clarify my political position in relation to the current federal government as a result of comments my myspace site has received that relate to the “Flag” essay. It appears that the thread of sarcasm which runs through the entire piece was lost on some so let me make my position entirely clear: I was in fact defending the “Big Day Out” organizers. They had every right to be anxious about flag bearers given recent examples (which I thought I’d pointed out) of people abusing the symbolism of the Australian flag as a guise for thuggery and racism. I think the “Big Day Out” is a fantastic institution that has done a great deal of good for the Australian Music industry. My position is simple:

I am a proud Australian who does not trust John Howard. But hey, let’s move on from this flag thing.

The Australian Federal Government must act NOW to introduce environmental legislation that has the power to punitively curb excessive carbon emissions both commercially and domestically. The Federal government must take responsibility for this. Time for talk is passed. I fear however, that Howard hails from the school of laisse faire.. let the market do what it will. Sorry fella. times up. We want to save our planet. This isn’t about political philosophy. Get a grip. Or don’t you care?