Footy Song Bid A ‘Dog’

A “Westgate” era interview with Mark Seymour, about his attempt to write a footy song.

Author: Nui Te Koha.

Date: 24 June 2007.

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Mark Seymour has tried — and failed — to write a footy song for the Western Bulldogs.

Seymour, the former Hunters & Collectors frontman who penned the AFL’s unofficial anthem Holy Grail, said footy tunes were a hard road.

“I’ve been asked to write footy songs before,” Seymour said.

“I have tried. But I find with footy songs the cheese factor is quite upfront.

“I do love the Western Bulldogs song — the brass, the mass male chorus. It’s all really blokey, it’s great.”

Seymour said his latest attempt, The Year Of The Dog, began as a paean to Footscray.

Seymour sings:

“You’re almost home, to the ones who can help you, in the year of the Dog”.

But it later became the fable for a friend — a Doggies supporter with a drinking problem.