Singing Kevin Rudd’s Praises

Mark Seymour supports Kevin Rudd and Labor in the 2007 federal election.

Author: Cameron Adams, Herald Sun.

Date: 26 October 2007.

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Some of Australia’s most prominent musicians have backed Kevin Rudd to win the election.

Tim Freedman of the Whitlams has pledged his vote to Mr Rudd in the November 24 election.

“I would like Kevin Rudd to win,” Freedman said. “He’s dependable and he has a heart.”

Former Hunters and Collectors frontman Mark Seymour is also a Labor man.

“I’ll be voting Labor,” Seymour, promoting new solo album Titantic, said.

“Work Choice legislation is crucial. It’s sinister . . . designed to make firing workers easier when the next economic downturn is in full swing.

“And that’s not being pessimistic — it’s facing the facts.

“Economic growth is cyclical. Always has been.”

Chart topper Missy Higgins — who performed at this year’s Live Earth concert — revealed she will be voting for the Greens but will give her preferences to Kevin Rudd.

Curiously politically-active musician John Butler declined to reveal which way he will be voting at the election.

Butler’s website,, has even started an Election ’07 forum where fans can debate random election issues from gay rights to internet speed.

Butler’s motto on the site is “uniting one world, preserving our planet”.

Melbourne musician Clare Bowditch made her thoughts on the election clear without revealing her intended party.

“I will not be voting for John Howard,” Bowditch said yesterday, “because he took us to war, has been slow in reacting to the environmental crisis and is splashing money around like he thinks we are stupid”.

Bowditch made headlines at last year’s ARIAs when she voiced her concerns about the lack of funding for young musicians in Victoria.

Silverchair frontman Daniel Johns kept his voting preferences to himself this week.

At last year’s ARIAs he was less guarded, spray-painting ‘PG 4 PM’ during the band’s performance of a Midnight Oil cover — showing his allegiance to Peter Garrett.

Veteran performer Kamahl flew against the grain of the younger musicians yesterday.

“I’m staying with the Government,” Kamahl said.

“I don’t know all the facts, but I’m happy to stay with the ‘devil’ I know.”