A large and ever expanding collection of high quality artwork.

Most Hunters and Collectors artwork is by Robert Miles. Some of the remaining Hunters and Collectors work is by Geoff Crosby. Mark Seymour’s solo artwork from One Eyed Man era forward is by Jo Vautier.

Thankyou to Robert Miles and John Relph for providing the bulk of the images used in this section.


General Artwork: Various bits and pieces that have been used by Hunters and Collectors. A number of laminates, t-shirt designs and… yes, a Hunna’s beer coaster!

Photography: This section contains various Hunters and Collectors related photographs. From official photo shoots to pictures sent in by fans.

Album Artwork: Artwork from every album released either by Hunters and Collectors or solo members. Includes the ARIA award winning art for “Ghost Nation”.

Single Artwork: Artwork from every single ever released relating to Hunters and Collectors. Includes some extremely rare singles.