Hear Eddie Vedder and Neil Finn’s Big-Hearted ‘Throw Your Arms Around Me’ Cover

Article about the release to the Internet of the Eddie Vedder and Neil Finn cover of Throw Your Arms Around Me.

Author:  Marc Hogan, Spin.

Date: 18 September 2013.

Original URL: http://www.spin.com/articles/eddie-vedder-neil-finn-throw-your-arms-around-me-hunters-collectors-stream/


Article Text

Pearl Jam and Crowded House frontmen earnestly inhabit Hunters & Collectors ballad

Pearl Jam and Crowded House have both been known to cover “Throw Your Arms Around Me,” a tender 1984 love song by Australian band Hunters & Collectors. Crucible: The Songs of Hunters & Collectors, a tribute collection to the now-defunct group, arrives on September 27 via Liberation Music. The set has already brought the return of sample-wielding pop pioneers the Avalanches, who remixed 1982’s “Talking to a Stranger.” Now comes Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder and Crowded House’s Neil Finn performing a bare-bones, hearts-on-their-sleeves take on “Throw Your Arms Around Me,” all gleaming organ, brusque strums, and grainy harmonies. Hear it below, and try to resist the urge to bear-hug these gentlemen.