Mark Seymour Set For Mordialloc Carols

An article about Mark’s upcoming Christmas carols performance at Mordialloc.

Author: Jesse Wray-McCann, Mordialloc Chelsea Leader.

Date: 17 December 2009.

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Mark Seymour will return to where it all began when he performs at Mordialloc’s Carols by the Bay this Sunday.

The former Hunters And Collectors frontman said he owed a lot to Christmas carols for helping start his iconic music career.

“I come from a very musical family and we used to sing in various groups when I was younger,” Seymour said.

“We did a lot of Christmas carols and that’s where I really got into singing.”

Seymour will take to the stage at the Kingston Council event with a three-piece band and a swag of Christmas songs perfect for the carols atmosphere.

“We won’t be doing any Christmas carols exactly, but there are a few songs that relate well to Christmas like a song by Jack Johnson and Irish Heartbeat by Van Morrison, which is about being conscious of where your home really is, who you love and how much those people mean to you,” he said.

“We’ll probably be doing a couple of Hunters songs, but I won’t tell you which ones just yet.”

Seymour will be hitting the studio early next year to record a new album with songs he said already form part of his existing set list.

However, the upcoming album’s most Christmas-sounding song won’t be making an appearance this weekend at Mordialloc.

The title Legend of the Snowmen evokes thoughts of a white Christmas, but the song is actually a tribute to former asbestos workers.

Russell Robertson, Gorgi Coghlan, Annalisa Kerrigan and many more star performers will join Seymour for Carols by the Bay at Peter Scullin Reserve.

The event begins at 6.30pm.