Mark Seymour Fronts Penrith Australia Day Concert

A brief article about Mark’s upcoming ustralia Day concern in Penrith.

Author: Omar Hamwi, Penrith Press.

Date: 22 January 2010.

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Rock legend Mark Seymour finds being an Aussie comes easiest when he’s on a surfboard and completely alone.

The former Hunters and Collectors frontman said surfing has been bound to Australian culture since the nation was colonised more than two centuries ago.

For Seymour, surfing is a celebration of being Aussie.

“Most Australians have lived close to the beach since the arrival of Captain Cook; it’s one of the most beautiful parts of the world,” Seymour said.

“I just like to surf for the solitude.”

To celebrate Australia Day, Seymour will headline Penrith Council’s concert at the Sydney International Regatta Centre – one of the largest events on the day in Sydney.

Backed by a three-piece band, his set will consist of songs from his solo album Westgate, along with classics from the Hunters and Collectors’ back catalogue.

“It’s an authentic rock show, with quite a few love songs,” he said.

“I think it’ll get a pretty strong reaction.”

The Victorian says his fan base in Sydney is “not huge” but the clubs he plays are always packed.

“We’re in and out of Sydney regularly and play to a few hundred people a night,” he said.

“I’m a touring artist, so fan-base numbers are hard to get an accurate reading on.”

This year will be busy for Seymour, who said a new album would begin production in two months, as well as a new book and part-time acting gigs.

But for now he is focused on getting Penrith fans on their feet for one of the biggest concerts the region will host this year.

“We’ll make the show as uplifting and enjoyable as possible to celebrate what a great country we live in,” he said.

Seymour and his band will perform on the main stage from 8pm to 9pm, after a set from Cassie Davis.