Stephen Cummings Talks Up Mark Seymour

Information: Stephen Cummings talks up Mark Seymour’s upcoming solo album Undertow.

Author: Paul Cashmere.

Date: 1 April 2011.

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Former Hunter & Collectors frontman Mark Seymour will release his 7th solo album in May.

‘Undertow’ has already been given the thumbs up from singer/songwriter Stephen Cummings.

About ‘Undertow’ Cummings writes, “Eleven songs that I call Australian coastal sound, a four-piece-matter-of-fact-guitar band, like Richard Clapton meets Jackson Browne at a car park at the beach while breaking surf. When the Kings of Leon turn fifty this is what they might sound like”.

“Mark would be kicking back, collapsed on the couch acting gaga. Unless I am much mistaken, he’s not. Music is his “thing”, despite the fact that means starting the whole sordid business over yet again. If Mark didn’t want to be here, he’d be somewhere else. He has a kaleidoscope of experiences to draw upon. Undertow is arguably his finest album”.

‘Undertow’ will be released through Liberation on May 27.

Mark will tour the album starting May 27 at The Basement in Sydney.