Band Boys Just Headline Hunters

The sixth breaking news article on the Hunters and Collectors 2011 reunion.

Author: The Daily Telegraph.

Date: 26 August 2011.

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There were eyebrows raised when it was revealed the reunited Hunters And Collectors will headline the Sydney Telstra 500 all-star concert on December 3 over John Farnham.

When asked how the re-formed rockers managed to score top-billing over The Voice, the Hunters manager Michael Roberts smiled and said “we were very persuasive”.

The zeroes being offered for the band to play their first full gig since disbanding in 1998 must have been considerable as frontman Mark Seymour and bandmate Jeremy Smith said it only took them two days to “unanimously” say yes.

But they remain noncommital about future plans.

“We will see what happens but I can’t say yes or no,” Smith said.

He later posed with Sport Minister Graham Annesley. Several people remarked the pair could have been separated at birth.

V8 Supercar chairman Tony Cochrane had everyone giggling when he said Farnham’s set at ANZ Stadium would be the “final” concert to complete his Whispering Jack 25th anniversary tour.

“If Glenn Wheatley was here, he would assure you that it is the final show,” Cochrane said. But definitely not the last, no doubt.

Noiseworks, who will play before Farnham, confirmed their reunion would continue with a new record.