Hunters and Collectors ‘Big Offer’ To Reform

Melbourne’s InPress on the Hunters and Collectors 2011 reunion.

Author: Scott Fitzsimons, InPress magazine.

Date: 31 August 2011.

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Iconic Australian rock band Hunters & Collectors are to play a “one-off” show at the V8 Supercars touring car race meeting at Sydney’s Olympic Park in December.

The show will also feature John Farnham, Noiseworks, James Reyne, Bliss N Eso and Jebediah. The top four acts will perform on Saturday 3 December at the Olympic Stadium, with Bliss N Eso and Jebediah to perform the day before.

Hunters & Collectors frontman Mark Seymour told The Front Line that the scale of this event was what encouraged them to play: “We got an email from our manager a while ago with the offer. He gets numerous offers, which I wasn’t aware of but I am now, but this one was big and on the scale of the Sound Relief concert… If we hadn’t done that, we wouldn’t be doing this.”

The band broke up in 1998 and had only played 2009’s Victorian bushfire fundraiser Sound Relief since then.

Seymour also said band members now have an “oblique view of playing rock ‘n’ roll, [but] this event managed to garner their interest… W’ve always been a fairly robust group, but struggled to have that commercial credibility. We seemed to build audiences through our career and by the end were playing to big audiences. The guys organising this must have vivid memories of those big audiences and think it will work. I think it will work. I reckon it will be really powerful and relaxing… It’s the right think. We’ll be playing to people who know us, and a lot of them.”

As far as further events go after this, they’ll take it on a case-by-case bases.

“That would be the realistic approach… I have no idea if another [opportunity] will come along.”


[Thanks to Steven of Melbourne band The Watermelon Tree for the article]