Weekend demo

Stuart : 4 July 2015 13:57 : Vault

Source: 1989 01 01 Ghost Nation Researsals VHS PCM.

We are fortunate to have our hands on recordings documenting the early scratchings that were to eventually become the Ghost Nation album. Here is one of them – titled Weekend!

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Follow Me No More live

Stuart : 27 June 2015 12:26 : Vault

Source: Carry Me (UK 12 – Fenech) vinyl rip.

The relatively rare UK 12″ Carry Me single includes two cracking b-sides: a studio version of The Unbeliever (shared previously) and this – a live recording of Follow Me No More. This song, which was written between the Jaws of Life and Human Frailty eras, later appeared in studio form as a b-side on the Say Goodbye 7″ and 12″ singles.


Mr Bigmouth live acoustic

Stuart : 20 June 2015 16:22 : Vault

Source: 1996 05 26 Continental Cafe, Melbourne, Australia DAT.

Taken from 1994’s Demon Flower album and inspired by Kennett era Victorian politics, Mr Bigmouth has appeared on CD in acoustic form but not electric…

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Boo Boo Kiss live 1982

Stuart : 14 June 2015 15:23 : Vault

Source: 1982 03 12 Lower Plenty Hotel, Melbourne, Australia T2 Cassette.

Returning to the early 1980’s, here is a live recording of Boo Boo Kiss from the self titled Hunters and Collectors album in its later, slowed down incarnation…!

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Mark Seymour – Sirens (studio)

Stuart : 7 June 2015 10:08 : Vault

Source: Mark Seymour – Undertow (pre-release CD-R).

Here’s one for the punters that launched Mark’s new album Mayday into the top 50 albums in Australian this week! (at #43). Sirens was written about the Black Saturday bushfires from February 2009, which claimed 173 lives and remains Australia’s worst ever bushfire disaster. Sirens did not quite ‘fit’ the Undertow album that followed, so was left as an ‘i-tunes only’ bonus track. Here, for the first time, is the full CD quality recording.

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The Finger (instrumental)

Stuart : 31 May 2015 13:27 : Vault

Source: 1985 01 05 06 Hardware St, Melbourne Rehearsal VHS PCM.

With everything else here at the moment focused on Mark’s great new album Mayday, here’s a track without Mark! (at least on vocal). Trainspotters may note that an instrumental of The Finger has always existed – as bits of it are used as menu music on The Way To Go Out VHS and DVD – but this is the first time a full version has surfaced! The Finger later appeared on the classic 1986 album Human Frailty.

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Mark Seymour – When Will You Fall For Me live

Stuart : 23 May 2015 19:00 : Vault

Source: 1999 07 17 Mark – Continental, Melbourne, Australia (DAT).

When we shared a rare Mark Seymour track recently, fan Jason had the excellent suggestion of ‘When Will You Fall For Me?’. This was a song Mark wrote for Vika and Linda that went on to be a minor hit for the duo in 1994. We searched and the archives contain but one imperfect live copy of Mark performing it. So here it is! 🙂

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The Love That I Long For demo

Stuart : 17 May 2015 10:56 : Vault

Source: 1991 04 21 Cut Demos VHS PCM.

With six hit singles lifted from 1992’s Cut album, it can be easy to overlook the remaining five classic album tracks. Here is one of them – Love That I Long For – in early demo form.

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Old Mother live

Stuart : 10 May 2015 20:17 : Vault

Source: 1983 03 24 The Venue, London, UK T2 Cassette.

Occasionally a rarity comes along where we have no idea what the story is — this is one of them. Anyone in the band remember this one? It appears just once, live, in the archives… and might be vaguely relevant on Mother’s Day (or not?).

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Lazy Summer Day demo

Stuart : 3 May 2015 08:58 : Vault

Source: 1989 01 01 Ghost Nation Researsals VHS PCM.

Visiting the classic Ghost Nation album, this week we have a special demo version of Lazy Summer Day to share… 🙂

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What’s A Few Men? – Fate remix

Stuart : 25 April 2015 14:04 : Vault

Source: Australian Fate CD album.

Today Australia is commemorating of the 100th anniversary of the ANZAC landing in Gallipoli in 1915. Here is Albert Facey’s story of serving in World War 1, as can be found in his memoir A Fortunate Life. This  mix is different to the one on the What’s A Few Men? album and is taken from a CD version of the Fate album.

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Spill Your Guts live, 1984

Stuart : 18 April 2015 14:15 : Vault

Source: 1984 08 25 The Venue, St Kilda, Melbourne VHS PCM.

This is a particularly rare one – an unreleased track from The Jaws of Life era! Recorded here for the The Way To Go Out, Spill Your Guts only got a few plays before disappearing, never to be heard again… 🙂



Mark Seymour – Turn Me On live

Stuart : 11 April 2015 12:15 : Vault

Source: 1999 07 17 Mark – Continental, Melbourne, Australia (DAT).

Here’s something a little different… an early Mark Seymour solo live recording. Turn Me On has been famously covered by many artists including Nina Simone and Norah Jones. Here’s Mark’s take! Let us know… should we diversify into some solo recordings here and there where we have them? 🙂

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Back in the Hole demo

Stuart : 4 April 2015 21:10 : Vault

Source: 1993 08 06 Demon Flower Demos T2 Cassette.

Inspired by the horror of Victoria’s newly privatised prison system, Back in the Hole went on to be a single from 1994’s Demon Flower album. Here’s a rough demo from back in August 1993 when the song was called The Warden’s Lament.

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Under The Sun (Where I Come From) live

Stuart : 29 March 2015 21:56 : Vault

Source: 1988 Back on the Breadline UK CD single

The very first Hunters and Collectors CD single was not released in Australia, but in the UK. It was for Back on the Breadline from the Fate album, an overseas version of the What’s A Few Men? album. The CD single contained what are now rare live recordings of Back on the Breadline and Under The Sun. Here is the recording of Under the Sun… 🙂

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Alligator Engine live 1982

Stuart : 21 March 2015 18:59 : Vault

Source: 1982 03 13 Armadale Hotel, Melbourne, Australia T2 Cassette.

7pm Saturday night; it’s definitely beer-o-clock. Here’s a live recording of Alligator Engine from the self titled debut album back in 1982… which some here may have had the pleasure of hearing The Panics perform live while supporting H&C at the Enmore and Palais last year!


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Where Angels Fear to Tread

Stuart : 15 March 2015 19:38 : Vault

Source: 2008 Tracks for Rarities Disc (CD).

Unpacking the road to the Cut album is a big job… our band spent much time in and out of the studio getting it right. Plenty of roadkill was created in the process, which until now has been a mystery. Here is one fully formed song that had never appeared anywhere… Where Angels Fear to Tread 🙂

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This Morning live 1984

Stuart : 8 March 2015 10:11 : Vault

Source: 1984 08 24 The Venue, St Kilda, Melbourne VHS PCM.

Did you realise that This Morning was recorded for The Way To Go Out live album? To our surprise, we were able to find this gem, which is faster and angrier than the version that was to later appear on Human Frailty. Punters who opted in for the box set also received an incredible 2014 live version of This Morning in the e-mail last week… 🙂


You Stole My Thunder live

Stuart : 1 March 2015 09:21 : Vault

Source: 1993 03 03 ANU, Canberra, Australia T2 Cassette.

This week we visit Canberra for a classic track from 1989’s Ghost Nation album. You Stole My Thunder got a great run live but incredibly has never appeared on any Hunters and Collectors live album!

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One Thousand Official Objections, live 1982

Stuart : 20 February 2015 21:03 : Vault

Source: 1982 08 06 Oxford Hotel, Melbourne, Australia T2 Cassette.

From the soup of conflicting influences leading up to the release of The Fireman’s Curse album comes this rare unreleased track, One Thousand Official Objections, as performed at Melbourne’s Oxford Hotel…!

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