Holy Grail live acoustic

Stuart : 20 November 2015 17:28 : Vault

Source: Australian Holy Grail CD single.

So here is a tune you might know… a live acoustic recording for all the people that requested the mighty Grail!

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Newborn live 1994

Stuart : 13 November 2015 19:53 : Vault

Source: 1994 06 23 The Ministry, Christchurch, New Zealand T2 Cassette.

A most excellent request from Michael — Newborn; from the Demon Flower album. Amazingly, not a single live version of this song has been available until now…! With a shout out to our New Zealand fans!

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The Slab (Living Daylight remix)

Stuart : 6 November 2015 17:57 : Vault

Source: Living Daylight EP (1987 US 12 vinyl rip – Fenech).

A request for The Slab of Hunters fans who wanted it… Julie, Natalie, Ty, Geoff #1, Geoff #2, Kim and everyone else. This is a special remix made for the US Living Daylight EP. It’s even more excitable than usual…!

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Run Run Run live practice

Stuart : 30 October 2015 21:52 : Vault

Source: 1981 05 12 Ballroom Practice Cassette.

This is for Matt, Jay, Simon and everyone else who requested Run Run Run… it’s a very early live practice. The tape is crazy-raw; vocals on left; bass on right; things all over the place. We hope you like it!

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The Price of Freedom rough mix

Stuart : 24 October 2015 17:27 : Vault

Source: 1989 05 14 Ghost Nation Roughs VHS PCM.

Here’s a request from Natasha… The Price of Freedom! This is an early rough version of the song found on the When The River Runs Dry single and more recently on the Mutations rarities album… 🙂

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Drinking Bomb live 1983

Stuart : 17 October 2015 14:10 : Vault

Source: 1983 03 24 The Venue, London, UK T2 Cassette.

Fan James N. picked a song that has never been featured before from the vault… Drinking Bomb! A buried track from a buried album, this is another song that we have only one recording of in the Vault. Did anyone else notice the recent digital Anthology collection included two songs from The Fireman’s Curse? Are views softening? 🙂

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Shifting Silver live 1989

Stuart : 10 October 2015 17:28 : Vault

Source: 1989 04 04 Middle Park Hotel, Melbourne VHS PCM.

In one of the more unusual requests we have received, Tim Buckley photography asked for… “something from the Middle Park Hotel, Melbourne rehearsals/prerelease live gigs of Ghost Nation.” Good news! These were recorded and we can do this! Here’s an unreleased live track from one the Middle Park Hotel gigs – Shifting Silver!

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Angel of Mercy live

Stuart : 2 October 2015 21:33 : Vault

Source: 1991 02 03 Selinas, Sydney, Australia T2 Cassette.

The final track on 1992’s Cut album, Angel of Mercy, is a particularly rare beast live… in fact, this is the only live recording of it that we have in The Vault! This is by request from punter Matthew Masterton… great rare pick, sir! 🙂

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Jetsonnes – Nightmares Are Nothing To Worry About live 1980

Stuart : 24 September 2015 13:28 : Vault

Source: 1980 06 Jetsonnes – Richmond Cassette.

Something from the pre-Hunters and Collectors band The Jetsonnes – which included Mark, John, Doug and Rob. As with all Jetsonnes material, it is substantially poppier than the art-rock Hunters that followed merely one year after this 1980 live recording. Today’s choice is inspired by Brett Pearson’s request for “a rare song”… this is probably a long way from what you were expecting! 🙂


Throw Your Arms Around Me 1984

Stuart : 18 September 2015 20:20 : Vault

Source: 1984 10 24 Throw Your Arms Around Me, Geoff Tapes VHS PCM.

The original live to digital version of Throw Your Arms Around Me, as released as a single in 1984. Two punters, Tim Robinson and Meegan Bowie, need this version for their wedding day! It did appear on the Spare Parts album, but that album has disappeared and the version we have here is from a better source anyway (!) – the original VHS PCM digital recording! …and thanks everyone for your 98 Facebook replies on Vault Track ideas! We’re working on how we can do it! 🙂



Carry Me (Living Daylight remix)

Stuart : 13 September 2015 21:16 : Vault

Source: 1987 Living Daylight EP (1987 US 12 – Fenech).

The US version of the Living Daylight EP, which appeared between the Human Frailty and What’s A Few Men? albums, contained two additional tracks on top of the Australian version. These were remixes of The Slab and Carry Me from the much earlier Jaws of Life album. Here we present our best vinyl rip to date of the Carry Me remix from this EP. Cheers to Mathias!


Mark Seymour and James Reyne – Helpless live

Stuart : 6 September 2015 10:47 : Vault

Source: 2005 04 15 Cornish Arms, Melbourne, Australia (CD).

Many moons ago, Mark Seymour and James Reyne joined forces for two co-headlining tours. To our collective enjoyment, both bands came out at the end for a few cover tunes. Here’s one of thetunes that has never seen an official release – a cover of Neil Young’s Helpless! 🙂

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Mark Seymour – Hanoi live

Stuart : 29 August 2015 16:32 : Vault

Source: 1999 07 17 Mark – Continental, Melbourne, Australia (DAT).

Hanoi is another great unreleased Mark Seymour track from the early solo years! 🙂

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Mark Seymour – The One You Love live

Stuart : 23 August 2015 10:16 : Vault

Source: 1997 10 04 Mark (with Nick), Govenor Hindmarsh, Adelaide, Australia DAT.

For many fans, “The One You Love” was a favourite found buried deep in Mark’s debut solo album King Without a Clue. This week, we present a rare early live acoustic version! Crowdies fans may also note Nick Seymour on bass…!

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Mark Seymour – Newcastle live

Stuart : 15 August 2015 11:13 : Vault

Source: 2000 05 20 Commercial Hotel, Yarraville, Australia (DAT).

Fan Mark Ryan recently suggested an unreleased Mark Seymour track from an era ago about Newcastle, New South Wales… we found a rare live recording of it, and now everyone can hear it 🙂 Brisbane fans are in for a journey tonight at the Old Museum – see you there!

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Mark Seymour – Jo Land demo

Stuart : 9 August 2015 18:18 : Vault

Source: Mark Seymour – 2001 Demos (CD).

How did we get our hands on this one!? A full studio demo of Jo Land, a song that can otherwise only be found in live form on the 2001 DVD “Ballad of the One Eyed Man live at the Basement”. See you at the Brisbane and Gold Coast gigs this weekend! 🙂

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Mark Seymour – Eye of the Needle live

Stuart : 2 August 2015 20:47 : Vault

Source: Mark Seymour – Don’t You Know Me? CD single.

Eye of the Needle is a great folk tune Mark Seymour penned around the time of his classic 2001 album One Eyed Man. It appeared in this live version on the Don’t You Know Me? single and appears here from a fan request…! 🙂 Mark will be playing at the National Theatre in St Kilda this Friday, the 7th of August…

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Red Leather Belt live 1985

Stuart : 25 July 2015 16:38 : Vault

Source: 1985 08 15 Melbourne State College, Melbourne VHS PCM.

Red Leather Belt – also known as Honey In The Jar – got a great run live in the Human Frailty era. Here’s an (imperfect!) live version! Now for August, we are going to do a suite of rare MARK solo tracks – let us know if you have any ideas… we have a few as well! 🙂

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Parting Glass live with Paul Kelly

Stuart : 18 July 2015 16:47 : Vault

Source: 1988 07 Live 16 Track Masters VHS PCM.

Punters may recognise Parting Glass as a ‘closer’ from Mark’s solo career – but it was first recorded back with Hunters and Collectors back in 1988 with Paul Kelly! It appeared on the Raw Material EP, a promotional only 12″ record issued in America. Thankfully John Archer, our favourite bass player, kept masters of this EP in digital form for rediscovery 27 years later…! 🙂


Head Above Water live acoustic

Stuart : 11 July 2015 15:06 : Vault

Source: 1995 07 05-07 Live at the Continental Unedited Mixes DAT.

Cut era single Head Above Water was recorded in live acoustic form for the Living In Large Rooms and Lounges album but did not quite make it… here it is now!

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