Something to Give rehearsal

Stuart : 26 August 2016 16:41 : Vault

Source: 1989 02 01 Ghost Nation Rehearsals VHS PCM.

A largely instrumental jam found in the tapes leading up to the Ghost Nation album!

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Skin is Strong demo

Stuart : 20 August 2016 21:25 : Vault

Source: 1983 10 29 Gluepot, Auckland, New Zealand T2 Cassette.

…found hidden on the end of a cassette that otherwise contained the last recorded Fireman’s Curse gig before the band implosion… a demo called Skin is Strong…


When The River Runs Dry single edit

Stuart : 14 August 2016 09:52 : Vault

Source: US When The River Runs Dry CD single.

The Hunters run with Atlantic Records in the US resulted in this disturbingly short single edit of When The River Runs Dry, from the almighty Ghost Nation album. We’ll stick with the beefier, 85 second longer, album version; but this remains an interesting historical anecdote!

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Debris live acoustic

Stuart : 5 August 2016 18:02 : Vault

Source: 1995 05 05 Continental, Melbourne VIC, Australia T2 Cassette.

Here’s a rare live recording of Debris, which can be found in studio form on the Mutations album, which in itself is a rarities collection! Debris was originally written by Ronnie Lane and performed by British band Faces.

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The Way You Live rough mix

Stuart : 30 July 2016 11:54 : Vault

Source: 1989 05 14 Ghost Nation Roughs VHS PCM.

Here’s a magnificent early, raw demo version of what would become the third single off  Ghost Nation – The Way You Live!

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Open Season demo

Stuart : 24 July 2016 14:34 : Vault

Source: 1991 04 21 Cut Demos VHS PCM.

We continue our voyage through the rarities leading up to the Cut album this week with the unreleased demo Open Season!

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Mark Seymour – Fifo live

Stuart : 17 July 2016 10:16 : Vault

Source: 2015 08 15 Old Museum, Fortitude Valley, Australia

Here’s an excellent track from Mark’s latest album, Mayday, recorded live in Brisbane last year! Fifo tells the life of a fly-in-fly-out mine worker that Mark met once in his travels…

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Hello It’s Me rehearsal

Stuart : 9 July 2016 16:01 : Vault

Source: 1989 01 01 Ghost Nation Researsals VHS PCM.

The well documented recordings leading up to 1989’s Ghost Nation album throws a few surprises! Hello It’s Me never made it any further than this rehearsal demo…

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The Jetsonnes – Lipstick live

Stuart : 3 July 2016 18:25 : Vault

Source: 1980 06 Jetsonnes – Richmond Cassette.

Before Hunters and Collectors, there was The Jetsonnes! Here’s another pop track from the era – Lipstick – performed live in Richmond.

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The Walsh Way live

Stuart : 28 June 2016 14:51 : Vault

Source: 1982 08 06 Oxford Hotel, Melbourne, Australia T2 Cassette.

It’s the unthinkable! Another unreleased, live only recording from the dark days of The Fireman’s Curse era! Welcome to The Walsh Way…

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Drop In The Ocean single edit

Stuart : 18 June 2016 17:07 : Vault

Source: 1994 Drop In The Ocean (Aus CD).

Here’s a rare single edit of Drop In The Ocean, from the rocking 1994 album Demon Flower… this could only be found on a limited edition CD single until now! 🙂

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Head Above Water (L.A. Piece Mix)

Stuart : 11 June 2016 22:00 : Vault

Source: 1992 Head Above Water (Aus CD).

This week we feature a rare dance b-side that was included with some Australian CD singles of Head Above Water! 🙂

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Mark Seymour and James Reyne – The Nips Are Getting Bigger live

Stuart : 5 June 2016 11:12 : Vault

Source: 2005 04 15 Cornish Arms, Melbourne, Australia (CD).

Mark Seymour and James Reyne are joining forces for their ‘And The Rest Is History’ tour, so let’s celebrate with one from the archives! Here’s are the chaps covering the Mentals classic, The Nips Are Getting Bigger!

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Know Your Product instrumental

Stuart : 29 May 2016 10:42 : Vault

Source: 1993 05 16 Know Your Product DAT.

The Saints… Brisbane royalty. Hunters and Collectors recorded a studio version back in 1993 which appeared on a compilation called Earth Music. It has randomly appeared live ever since, including a memorable performance in 2014 with Peter Garrett and Jim Moginie at the Enmore in Sydney. Here’s an unreleased studio instrumental recording. The easiest way to get a H&C recording of Know Your Product remains the Mutations rarities album 🙂


Angels live in studio

Stuart : 21 May 2016 10:05 : Vault

Source: 1985 04 30-05 01 Hardware St, Melbourne Rehearsal VHS PCM.

Unreleased tracks from the Human Frailty era are rare. Angels is a song we first shared back in 2013 that we later found better quality versions of in John Archer’s digital collection. Here’s one from John’s collection – a live to digital rehearsal from 1985!

We also need to announce some inevitable news… as we pass four years and 200 shared Vault recordings, we are looking at retiring Vault Track of the Week. Not just yet — we still have great works to share — but we plan to call it a day at the end of this year. We hope you have enjoyed this extended series! 🙂


Surf City demo

Stuart : 14 May 2016 14:22 : Vault

Source: 1989 01 01 Ghost Nation Researsals VHS PCM.

Surf City: A rare demo from the creative period leading up to 1989’s Ghost Nation album!

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Faraway Man live

Stuart : 7 May 2016 10:50 : Vault

Source: Raw Material EP (1988 US EP – Fenech)

Here’s a cracking live recording of Faraway Man… a vinyl rip we cooked up from the US Raw Material promotional EP. Faraway Man was the opening track to the magnificent 1987 album What’s A Few Men?

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The Inebriated Tide demo

Stuart : 1 May 2016 09:47 : Vault

Source: 1993 12 Demon Flower Roughs T2 Cassette.

A strange and unexpected expected find at the tail end of the Demon Flower demos… is this Jack channeling Cohen?

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Mark Seymour – Everytime We Meet demo

Stuart : 22 April 2016 16:58 : Vault

Source: 1985 Human Frailty Era – Mark Solo Demos T2 Cassette.

Punters with a exceptionally long and good memory may recall a couple of references to Mark recording some (unreleased) solo tunes around the Human Frailty era. Deep in the vault, we found a single tape from around 1985 of Mark with an acoustic guitar experimenting… here is a track called Everytime We Meet from this unique tape!

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The Jetsonnes – Inside My Room live

Stuart : 17 April 2016 18:50 : Vault

Source: 1980 Jetsonnes Advertisements and Perf T2 Cassette.

Before Hunters and Collectors… there was The Jetsonnes, including Mark, John, Doug and Rob… along with Margot O’Neill on vocals. This is an extremely rare live recording of a track recorded around 1980.

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