Latest From Jack – December 2011

Information: The latest from Jack on his extensive musical projects.

Author: Jack Howard.

Date: 22 December 2011.

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So Christmas approaches and musical life goes on unabated.

Fresh from that little(!) gig we did with the Hunnas in Sydney the other week, I’ve been back on board as Musical Director of Tracy Harvey’s new musical comedy, PR!CK.

We did another two shows at The Paris Cat in Melbourne, this time with Lano and Woodley star, Colin Lane, in one of the lead roles.

These nights have also marked an auspicious first – the debut of Jack Howard the actor! I did warn Tracy that the show would be destined to failure if they had to enlist my acting skills. Despite the warning, the shows did sell out and my performance as Professor Jago the endoscopist has caused a stir in theatrical circles. Hopefully, there’ll be some more shows in February and a move to the big theatres sometime in the future.

I’ve had some excellent trumpeting cameos with the fantastic Large Number 12’s at Purepop Records. They’re really a terrific unsung local band with fine songs. The Elwood Dads’ Band played a rare gig the other night and we had a ball. Hadn’t played in a few months and we had a pretty joyous, raucous time of it. New Years’ Eve, I’ll be with The Models Super Orchestra for an all night dance-athon at The Caravan Music Club in Oakleigh.

I’ve decided to release Shadowlands online only! It will be available sometime around February on itunes. I’ll be spending the next few weeks organising all of that so I’ll keep you posted. You can go to my facebook Jack Howard bandpage for regular updates and new music. I’m also planning on some new recording with John Berto in the next few months; and I’m going to do a retrospective “greatest hits” later next year. Onwards and Upwards!

Please also enjoy this free download of We Three Kings performed with Long Lost Brother, Nicky Del Rey.