Hunter Mark Seymour Back for Bays Festival

Information: An article about Mark’s upcoming gig at the Between the Bays Festival.

Author: Haydn Godony, Frankston Weekly.

Date: 14 February 2012.

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A Mt Martha resident for about a decade, Hunters and Collectors frontman Mark Seymour is preparing to perform solo at next week’s Between the Bays festival.

Seymour recently returned from Sydney “where I did a couple of shows, one with H&C and one with my own band, The Undertow”.

“The Undertow has been together for around three years so it’s a pretty stable line-up and I’m really happy with the chemistry between the guys – John Trevaro on bass, Peter Maslen on drums and Cameron McKenzie on guitar.”

Seymour is unsure when there will be any more H&C gigs. “The guys have got to make a decision about how they felt about the show – the feedback has been pretty solid but they are all professional with other jobs.

”We’re not like Cold Chisel, we’re not going to go out on the road and work for 13 weeks. I’m sure something will come up – I’m just not sure in what shape or form.”

Since moving to the peninsula from St Kilda, Seymour has done a handful of local gigs, including the 2008 Between the Bays festival at Penbank School, a gig he will reprise on February 25. Seymour and his band also performed at last year’s peninsula mayoral ball.

“I did not ever think of the peninsula as being its own community until I moved down. I just vaguely thought of it as a holiday destination.

”Then I met a few people and made a few mates and realised that it’s quite socially-separate from the rest of Melbourne, really,” he said.

Seymour also helped his daughters Hannah, 15, and Eva, 18, form a covers band, The Seymour Sisters.

“My first piece of advice to them was never play for nothing and my second was learn how to write songs.

”If you can do both of those things you might actually be able to scratch a living out of it. But they are still really young and you have got to be really motivated.”

Seymour’s plans include a new record for The Undertow and perhaps some H&C gigs. “And I reckon I’ve got another book in me, which will be fiction, for sure.”

The family-friendly Between The Bays festival will be held at Penbank School, Rickards Road, Moorooduc. Other music acts include CUSTARD, Jordie Lane, The Ooga Boogers, JVG’s Guitar Method and Lah Lah’s BIG Live Band for children. For information, including ticket prices, go to Between The Bays.