Latest From Jack – February 2012

Information: The latest from Jack on his extensive musical projects.

Author: Jack Howard.

Date: 21 February 2012.

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A lot of action in Jack-land as we speak. This Saturday night at 8.00, I’ll be on ABC Local Radio in Melbourne having a chat with The Coodabeens.

Then on Sunday, I’ll be on 3RRR with JVG at 3.00. Gerard Assi will be accompanying me on electric guitar for both shows as we natter and play a few tunes.

On Thursday, I’m playing at one of the SLAM Rally shows – with Scrap Museum at The Tote. On Saturday night after The Coodabeens, I’m off to The Caravan for a burst with The Backsliders.

Shadowlands is moving along nicely. I’ve sold a healthy amount so far and with some press coming up, it’s all looking pretty good. It’s received a very positive response and has had some 3RRR play down here. (If anybody wants a plain old burnt CD, email me!)

Another project that I’m working on is a live DVD with guitarist, John Berto. We’re doing Fridays in March, 6.00-8.00, at St.Kilda’s Purepop Records with the aim of filming the last two. I love playing with John – we’ve got a real mutual creative spark going when we play live together.

The Elwood Dads are playing at Claypots in St.Kilda a few Saturdays every month. It’s tiny but has a great vibe. We play bodgy covers but we’ve been throwing in quite a few of my songs. Everyone dances her/his arse off. It’s a whole lot of messy fun.

No news on any further H & C stuff just yet – but never say never!