Mark Seymour Bringing His New Holy Grail to Armidale

Information: On Mark visiting Armidale in 2013.

Author: Anna Moulder, ABC New England North West.

Date: 27 November 2012.

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Careers can have many different chapters, and Mark Seymour has had plenty of wonderful chapters in his musical book already. Bursting into the Australian mainstream music scene with the now iconic Hunters and Collectors, Mark Seymour is a name, and a voice familiar to most in our region.

It has been some time since he performed here though, so it’s exciting to see Mark Seymour on the bill for the Armidale Day on the Green event in March 2013.

Mark says after Hunters and Collectors ended, he felt lost, and it’s only now he feels like he’s got a good flow with the blokes in his latest band The Undertow.

There’s still that iconic, bright guitar sound we grew so fond of in the 80’s, complimented by Mark’s solid Australian accent but it’s not 80’s rock, it’s now. It’s lovely and worth a listen.

Mark’s looking forward to his gig in Armidale in March, but says he’s even more stoked to be on the bill with pals Neil Finn and Paul Kelly.