Listen to The Avalanches’ remix of Hunters & Collectors’ ‘Talking to a Stranger’

An article about the release to radio of The Avalanches remix of Talking To A Stranger.

Author:  Chris Taylor, 405.

Date: 9 September 2013.

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13 years after the release of the utterly sublime Since I Left You, The Avalanches continue to tease us with hints of what their second album might be like. Yes, that’s right. It’s been 13 years since their debut and we still know very, very little about their follow up beyond that it’s being made and might have Danny Brown on it. For those so utterly captivated by the Australian group’s first venture, it’s incredibly frustrating because we just want more!

Thank goodness, then, that at least this time we get a song. Granted, it’s not one of their songs and is, instead, a remix of Hunters & Collectors’ ‘Talking to a Stranger’ which will appear on Crucible: The Songs of Hunters & Collectors, a compilation of the Australian rock band’s work out 27th September. This might appease fans for a short while, fitting very much in The Avalanches’ style, with extraneous samples alongside the original track and plenty of additional brass, and is definitely a catchy take on H&C’s original 1982 track. But, really, we just want this second album, guys.