Nick Cave Can’t Remember Mark Seymour

Strange article about Mark Seymour’s roadie days with The Birthday Party.

Author: (from interview with Bryget Chrisfield).

Date: 15 February 2013.

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In Mark Seymour’s autobiography Thirteen Tonne Theory, the Hunters & Collectors frontman recalls saving being a roadie for The Birthday Party and saving an audience member from choking on the Nick Cave’s mic cord.

Speaking to Bryget Chrisfield recently, given the new Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds album Push The Sky Away is out now independently, Cave admitted he doesn’t recall the event as vividly.

“Did he save him?” he queried, before asking, “Um, who’s Mark Seymour?” From Hunters & Collectors. “Uh, from Hunters & Collectors. Oh, okay. No, I haven’t read that one. Yeah, I’ll look out for it.”

Continuing with his cheeky and sarcastic streak he offered, “The concert’s always like that, they always have been.” Have any of the concerts felt way out of control? “I haven’t strangled anyone for a while…

“Well, you know, I’m worried about strangling people because without having Mark Seymour there to save the day…”