Seventh Heaven Club (ABC NT Interview)

Brief ABC NT interview with Mark surrounding the release of his Seventh Heaven Club album.

Author:  Anne-Marie Middlemast, 105.7 ABC Darwin.

Date: 25 February 2013.

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Hunters and Collectors front man Mark Seymour releases his latest album, Seventh Heaven Club.

A compilation of fourteen love songs, originally written by artists like Neil Young, Bob Dylan and Tom Petty among others, Seventh Heaven Club features three very special guest vocalists; Lucinda Williams, Abby Dobson and Hannah Seymour, Mark’s eldest daughter.

“She’s a little spark,” says Mark of his daughter Hannah. “We’ve got this cover band which I knocked up about a year ago. I saw it as a shortcut to a bit of petty cash for the girls, and the DNA’s right, our tone blends well.”

In addition to releasing Seventh Heaven Club, Seymour is crafting fresh original material for his next record, and comments on the evolution of his song writing.

“When you write songs you’re endeavouring to accurately distil ideas that have inevitably become more complex as you grow older,” he says.

“You’re just a creature of ever increasing experience, so if you try to think too deeply about what you’re doing it becomes harder and harder to express ideas in a clear and simple way that are unique and special.”

A believer in honest and emotionally compelling song writing, Seymour offers his explanation on what the audience wants when he’s up on stage.

“People suspend disbelief when you step up on stage with a guitar. They go, ‘I want this guy to tell me something that’s emotionally compelling that I can share with him’. That’s the whole point of the game; you’re actually trying to arouse people’s emotions.”

Seventh Heaven Club, from Mark Seymour is our Album of the Week on ABC Local Radio across the Territory.