Exclusive: First Details of Tribute Album

A first article appears about a Hunters and Collectors tribute album.

Author: themusic.com.au.

Date: 7 June 2013.

Original URL: http://themusic.com.au/news/all/2013/06/07/exclusive-first-details-of-hunters-and-collectors-tribute-album/


Article Text

A Hunters & Collectors tribute album is currently being put together by Mushroom, with Something For Kate recently confirming they’re a part of the project.

Likely to make up part of the Mushroom Group’s 40th anniversary celebrations, the company has remained tight-lipped about the project but Something For Kate frontman Paul Dempsey spilled the beans onstage at a Sydney show recently. The band included a cover of the Collectors’ When The River Runs Dry in the set and Dempsey noted that it will be included on the upcoming release.

A Mushroom Group executive told theMusic.com.au that the project “is still in work” and full details will be announced shortly. It is believed that they have locked in the artists that will be involved.

Fronted by Mark Seymour, Hunters & Collectors formed in Melbourne in 1981 and have had a lasting impact on the Australian rock scene. Tracks like Holy Grail, Throw Your Arms Around Me, Where Do You Go and When The River Runs Dry are considered classics. They’ve enjoyed a close association with the Mushroom Group and its Liberation label throughout their career.