Seymour Brings Love Songs to Ravenswood

Article prior to a Mark Seventh Heaven Club gig in Western Australia.

Author: Amy Martin, Mandurah Mail.

Date: 18 June 2013.

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Mark Seymour will be the Ravenswood on Friday, performing tracks from an unexpected new cover album that features his 16-year-old daughter Hannah.

His new band, Seymour and the Undertow has released a collection of love songs in the latest release, Seventh Heaven Club.

Seymour says they never intended to make a cover album.

“I was in the middle of organising another original album, and had been attracted to the song Beside You for many years,” Seymour said.

“Someone suggested ‘why don’t you do a cover album?’

“So it started with that song and Lorelei which is also on the album and they’re both love songs.”

Lorelei was a great moment for Seymour because it features Hannah.

His young talent sings professionally “on and off” and performs the odd show in the Seymour’s Victorian hometown.

“I was looking for duets and it was at the end of the recording process that I thought of Hannah,” Seymour said.

“So we got her into the studio and I had recorded my part so she just sang along to the track.

“But it wasn’t a big deal for her.”

Despite Lorelei being the lead track for Seventh Heaven Club, the younger Seymour won’t be coming on tour with her father, choosing to stay in school instead.

The singer still promises a great show and says he personally selected each song on the album for their “honesty, eloquence and determination to prove that lyrics matter”.

“All the tunes on Seventh Heaven Club have been pins on a map for me,” he said.

“They have served a purpose at one time or another, a way forward in the singing of them to a place where I could locate my own feeling in new material.

“They are about yearning, loss, loyalty and joy, the debris of love strewn through to reveal a simplicity and truth that I’ve come to recognise as greatness.”

Seymour will be at the Ravenswood Hotel on Friday, June 21.

For more information or for ticketing go to or call 9537 6054.