New Music App Soundhalo to Revolutionise Live Events

Hunters guitarist Barry Palmer codevelops an app for live gig recording and distribution.

Author: Nui Te Koha, Herald Sun.

Date: 24 July 2013.

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A Melbourne-made app that lets punters download a concert while they’re at the gig will launch to the world on Friday.

SoundHalo, described by music industry experts as a game-changer, was created by former Hunters And Collectors musician Barry Palmer, and digital media entrepreneur Liza Boston.

Palmer and Boston live in Melbourne.

Their platform allows music fans to buy songs from a concert while they’re at the actual gig.

The app, which launches in London ton Friday, has priced songs at about $1.60 each, or around $16.00 for the whole show.

Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke has endorsed the platform.

His side project Atoms For Peace will broadcast two shows on the app from London this weekend.

Commentators say the app will revolutionise live events.

Christie Eliezer, Australiasian editor of US live music bible Pollstar, told Confidential: “This is a real game-changer.

“But it’s not surprising it was developed in Australia.

“Australians are among the most enthusiastic consumers of the live music experience.

“This is another example of how new technology is drawing bands and their followers even closer than before.”

Palmer is expected to announce a list of artists and shows broadcasting to the app soon.

He said the app “aims to deliver the feeling of actually being there.”

Video and audio is recorded on stage and “delivered to the fans as the band want you to hear it, as it happens.”

Palmer said his team is in talks with music superstars, including several performers visiting Australia this summer, to broadcast their shows on the app.

“We are talking to the biggest acts in every genre in the world. We have some of the world’s biggest superstars jumping on board.”

He hinted the platform may be at several popular homegrown festivals.

“There are a couple of amazing events that we’re working on in Australia,” Palmer said.

“The summer of Australia might be festooned with SoundHalo events.”

Palmer said the app will change the punter experience forever.

“Put the phone down,” he laughed. “We are on the cutting edge of the future. This is about live videos straight from the stage direct to your smartphone.”

Radiohead’s producer Nigel Godrich hopes the app curbs amateur videography at gigs.

“The next day there are million shaky, horrible sounding YouTube videos already online,” Godrich told a British newspaper.

Beyonce once famously blasting a fan who was filming her from the front row.

“I’m right in your face. You gotta seize this moment, baby. Put the damn camera down!”Queen B growled.