Hunters Press Release (White Label 1982)

Early Hunters and Collectors press release.

Author: White Label Records.

Date: 1982.

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Hunters and Collectors are:

John Archer – Bass
Geoff Crosby – Keyboards
Doug Falconer – Drums
Martin Lubran – Guitar
Robert Miles – Live Sound
Greg Perano – Percussion
Mark Seymour – Guitar / Vocals

Hunters and Collectors are a Melbourne based band who first performed in May 1981, generating the most substantial interest of any new Melbourne band.

Their music is unconventional, most notably in the way it is conceived and written. Usually in a rehearsal situation, songs are built on a basic rhythmical idea or theme, producing a fused sound where each player’s contribution meshes and builds the sound and atmosphere to a peak of energy and mood.

The lyrics are written by Mark, Greg and Geoff who try to create vivid images, complimentary to the music and responsive to an underlying sense of humour.

In live performances the band are often joined by a brass section and various other musicians.

Hunters and Collectors have recently released their first and self-titled album. The recording of this album commenced in October 1981 and was completed in April this year. It was recorded at AAV in Melbourne, produced by the band and engineered by Jim Barton and Tony Cohen. Included with the album is a two-track EP and the single from the album will be “Talking to a Stranger”.

The tracks included in the package are:

Talking to a Stranger
Skin of our Teeth
Junket Head
Alligator Engine
Scream Who

Tender Kinder Baby
Run Run Run

Releases to date:
X13078 Hunters & Collectors 12” single
L42002 Hunters & Collectors Album
K8754 Talking to a Stranger Single

For further information please contact:
White Label Records: (03) 690 3399 or your regional Festival Records office



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