Hunters Move in on New Territory

Brief article about the What’s A Few Men? album and an upcoming gig at Frankston.

Author: Herald Sun?

Date: January 1988.

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Hunters and Collectors will be making their second visit to our territory in less than a month when they play the 21st Century Dance Club this Sunday.

If their last performance at Peninsula Drive-in a couple of weeks ago is any indication of their live talents then the 21st is one not to miss.

The Hunters would have to be one of Australia’s most brilliant bands and seeing them live nowadays is certainly a bonus in itself.

Their style hasn’t changed, though the group has introduced new focuses to the Hunters unique sound.

This is not only evident at a live performance bu also in the band’s latest album, “What’s a Few Men?”

Their seventh album to date, “What’s a Few Men?” marks a turning point in the band’s history.

For the first time, the Hunters have made an album that sounds as explosive as their live performances.

An excellent complication, the album, according to lead singer Mark Seymour, is a collection of scenes from the hidden, low budget-side of Australian lifestyle.

“It’s about used car yards, Sunday drinking, love and loneliness”, he said.

“It was written in a time when the great sunburnt country was being commercialised and overblown with stuffed koalas, Vegemite, multi-million dollar boat races and multi-million dollar bush heroes.”

According to Seymour, Hunters and Collectors music is about Australia and “What’s a Few Men?” is a “long distant letter, written in three places, Australia, Japan and North America”.

The album features some great tracks including “Do You See What I See”, “Under the Sun”, “Breakneck Road”, “What’s a Few Men?”, “Still Hangin’ Round”, “You Can Have It Now”, “Faraway Man” and more.

The Hunters will play material from the past eight years of their existence.

Don’t miss them at the 21st Century this Sunday.



Thanks to Tammy for typing this one out for us to enjoy!