Hunters and Collectors – Yes Man


Version Length Source Availability
Studio 3:06 Australian Back In The Hole single. Moderately rare. Not available new.
Studio 3:06 Mutations album. Moderately common. Available new in CD and digital form.

Recommended Version.





Here comes the psycho with the megaphone now
He’s gonna tell you what your hanging out to hear
He’s ? brings tears to your eyes
He’s got an attitude that’s totally sincere, sincere

He’s right there waiting for the wheels to fall off
Working up a sweat to set you free
Feeding off the fear you feel like a parasite
Clinging to a dieing tree

Call it a labour of love
Yes man
Yes man
Yes man

You’re just like hunted donkey’s (?) sitting on a wall
Soon to be a bag of broken bones
He’s just waiting now for you to fall
So he can drag evidence (?) of you back home

Oh you can’t match his powers of concentration
He’s a, all worded to be hold
In mood but just a thing of flesh and blood
But his ego is worth it’s weight in gold

Oh yes
Yes man
Call it a labour of love
Yes man
Yes man
Yes man

Yes man