Jack Howard – Where in the Hell Did I Come From?


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Studio 3:19 Jack Howard Reliving Life to the Full album. Moderately common. Available new in digital form.

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Jack comments from the Reliving Life to the Full album:

Well this is one of many, many home recordings that I did on my old Mac LC running Cubase. Most of the sounds are from my Korg Tr-Rack which was my all-purpose sound module for years. This lyric slots into the mystery and wonder category – one of my regular topics. I like this one, it sounds good and the sentiment is nice. Strange lyric though – I’ve never taken drugs so I can’t blame that.



Out on the streets in the dead of night
Birds in the park, bats in the twilight
The mist closes in, the shadows tumble
Closing in on the forest
East to the sea, west to the desert
North to the light, south to the darkness

Shouldn’t be out here at night
But my house burned down
And my fate is sealed
The ? leads me down the curve of your spine
But the pain is only fleeting
Sweet kisses like wine
Nursing a cocktail in the crook of your arm
My ship leaves tonight, we must try to stay calm
My shell collection lies broken and there’s only seconds left

Now I’ve reached the river, I cross it on my back
Floating in the darkness, drifting with the current
Weeds brushing my face
Fish rippling by my feet, wondering when the waterfall will come
Just let go, just ease on in
Surrounded by fields of air spinning out in all directions

Where in the hell did I come from?