Hunters and Collectors – Who’s On Left?


Version Length Source Availability
Studio 3:22 Australian 1986 7″ Throw You Arms Around Me single. Extremely rare. Not available new.
Studio 3:26 Australian 1986 7″ Throw You Arms Around Me single. The Vault digital download at True Believers, 18 December 2016.

Recommended Version.



This is the most obscure single recording to have been released by Hunters & Collectors. It is a recording of “inane studio banter”.



Note: “Lyrics” is a funny term for this track!


Who’s on second?

But what’s his name?

I don’t know.

Don’t worry.

Which ear have we got on hey?

The left on the right?

No who’s on second?

The third ear.

No which, have you got left on right or right on left? What it is? What’s it say?

Right. Right on left.

OK. I’ve got right on left as well. So what have you done here?


Oh great, so we did all that hassling for nothing.

No I wanted to put all the drums in one hit.

OK and I got the right on the left.

OK, so, no well put it all on the right because that’s all we’ve got. We haven’t got a left ear any more cause… (laugh)

But I had it off like that before.

What’s that ear? Is that right? Is that right? Is that the right ear?

Yeh, that’s right.

Well put it on the other way around!

Look, you’re a bit of a dickhead.

That’s right, cause now you have the right ear on the one that we’re both hearing right ears on, OK?

Is it the left ear yeh?

No he’s got the right ear on his right ear and I’ve got the right ear on my left ear so if that,  if that if we take out, if he takes his left ear off and I take my right ear off we should be hearing the same thing in my rig.., my left ear and his l… right ear. Does that make sense?


Dot-wim. We’re under control.

We’ve got it together don’t worry.

Try the track.

[Some violin like thing]

Another loud noise please.


There are no true geniuses over 5 foot 8, you know that don’t you? [Mark Seymour]

That’s a fact.

I’m gonna cave and lie down (?)

All the really great men in history were under 5 foot 8.

Their shortarses.

That doesn’t make every one under 5 foot 8 a great man.

Certainly gives us a better chance.

Least we’re in the running.


You bastard.