Jack Howard – Sorry


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Studio 3:23 Jack Howard Reliving Life to the Full album. Moderately common. Available new in digital form.

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Jack comments from the Reliving Life to the Full album:

Outtake from Secrets and White Lies session in 2000 – don’t quite know why I decided against putting this one on. We used to play it live a lot. A tale of pent-up frustration and violence! Nicky Del Rey on guitar, Mal McBeath on bass, Greg Hynes on drums, Ben Marsland behind the desk.



Sometimes I look up and I see the beast recede in her eyes
And she tells me of a violent urge
to wipe the smile from my pretty face away

One day she came, poised and primed above me in the bed
With the knife I used to carve the Christmas ham
Held between her slender hands

I don’t care if you’re sorry
I don’t care at all

Then on a strange deserted street
She leaned to me and she whispered
Hasta la vista, baby
Sayonara Joe

I don’t care if you’re sorry…