Jack Howard – Run and Hide


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Studio 3:29 Jack Howard Reliving Life to the Full album. Moderately common. Available new in digital form.

Recommended Version.



Jack comments from the Reliving Life to the Full album:

Another unreleased track from 1994 – Lawrence Maddy producing, Nick Del Rey on guitar and bass, Ash Davies on drums. A driving, driven number about a fallen idol. Unexpectedly harsh lyric from the resting ruckman. Some fab drumming from Ash.



You had a heart like a burning bush and now the flame has died
You had a head like an open wound
You used to be so brave, so attractive
Now your feet are made of clay and you’re all backed up

You better run and hide
Cos it’s all you’ve got left

Now you pace and you preen
And you praise yourself
You’re just a new age Babbitt full of tight little habits

I’ve seen it coming and I’ve been keeping score
Now you piss in the pockets of the famous and the rich

You better run and hide

It once was a world of endless possibility
It was a life without limits
We all suffer from shrinkage
We all watch the clock
But it doesn’t make the fall from grace any easier to take

You better run and hide…