Jack Howard – Reprieve


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Studio 3:13 Jack Howard Reliving Life to the Full album. Moderately common. Available new in digital form.

Recommended Version.



Jack comments from the Reliving Life to the Full album:

A lovely little waltz unreleased from 1994 recordings at Hothouse Studio. Lawrence Maddy producing, Nicky Del Rey on guitar and bass, Ash Davies on drums. Some fine bass drum in the bridge and Nick harmonies. Typical love angst lyric, pretty accurate state of affairs.



In the rarified air that surrounds the nape of her neck and her shoulders
That’s where I dwell when I can
When she lets down her guard and she holds out her beckoning hand

And I fall down on my knees
For one last sweet reprieve
I fall down on my knees
For one last sweet release

So alluring, so fragrant
And I know she’s waiting for me
Poised but pious I wait
Willing and able I wait
Then she turns, then she turns to me

And I fall…