Mark Seymour – One More Ride


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Studio 3:35 Mark Seymour Undertow album. Moderately common. Available new in CD and digital form.

Recommended Version.



From Mark’s track by track guide to Undertow:

Desire before the fall… desire after the fall.



When you wake up in the morning
And the sky’s a closing in
Yearning for redemption
They say there’s no such thing

I saw it in your hazel eyes
I swear they never lied
Why don’t you turn them on me once
And give me one more ride

I’ve been too long in the doghouse
I’m too old to feel so low
Trying to count my blessings
But the curses always show

So why don’t you think it over?
Save my wounded pride
Humour me this once
Give me one more ride

Oh baby I know what you’re thinking
I’m never satisfied
But you got a way of keeping me kicking
Until I’m barbequed and fried

You know I made a lazy boy scout
God knows you’re no girl guide
Why don’t you kick my arse?
And give me one more ride

My poor heart keeps on sinking
Trying to dream up some alibi
Before this line of cars starts moving
But I know you’re not that shy

Honesty’s a virtue
But you horoscope must have lied
Why don’t you roll your window down
And give me one more ride?

Oh baby you make me happy
God damn it you make me sad
I been around but not like that
How’d you learn to be so bad?

Come on baby I’ll be your boyfriend
You’re so much better looking than the bride
I’ll make you want me once
Just give me one more ride

I’ll make you want me once
Just give me one more ride