Mark Seymour – On My Way Home


Version Length Source Availability
Studio 3:45 Mark Seymour One Eyed Man album. Moderately common. Available new in digital form.
Live 4:40 Mark Seymour Live At The Basement album and video. Moderately rare. Not available new.

Recommended Version.



This song was originally written by Mark Lizotte (Diesel). In 2003, and mp3 demo of the song, by Mark Lizotte, was made available on Lizotte’s Internet site ( The song was credited as being a ‘demo from Mushroom Music Workshop, around 1995/96’.



There’s a feeling I have in my heart
It’s calling me back to the start
When I look straight ahead I can see
A vision that’s waiting for me

Well I packed up this morning yeh
On my way
Yeah I’m on my way back to the place that I know

Gonna wipe all the sweat from my eyes
Still I must travel a thousand miles
Going back to where I’ve been before
Will it feel like he first time I can’t be sure?

I guess before I wasn’t ready
Not ready at all
This time I’ll take it slow and steady
I won’t take that fall

Well I packed up this morning yeah
On my way
To the bright light shining yeah on my way
Yeah I’m on my way back to the place that I know
[M. Seymour & D. Bridie]