Jack Writes Song for 2016 Melbourne Day Celebrations

Stuart : 17 August 2016 09:46 : News

Jack Howard has written a new track, Home Is Where The Heart Is, for the 2016 Melbourne Day celebrations.

Jack tells us the story…

This is a song about Melbourne – written for the official 2016 Melbourne Day celebrations. It’s my story of growing up in the north-western suburbs to my life playing in a rock’n’roll band. Enjoy!

Check it out on Jack’s Bandcamp!



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The Voice of the Brett Whiteley Audiobook

Stuart : 14 August 2016 09:35 : News

Ashleigh Wilson’s biography of the artist Brett Whiteley has been released as an audiobook – with Mark Seymour doing the reading!

Be sure to check it out 🙂


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Mark Seymour & James Reyne Set List – 12 August 2016

Stuart : 14 August 2016 09:17 : News

Mark Seymour & James Reyne
Twin Towns Services Club, Tweed Heads, New South Wales, Australia
12 August 2016

A large crowd for a quality performance by Mark Seymour and James Reyne in north eastern New South Wales, meters from the Queensland border.

James Reyne:
1. Way Out West
2. Slave
3. Downhearted
4. (Don’t Be So) Reckless
5. Wrapped Around Your Finger [The Police]
6. Motors Too Fast
7. What A Pain In The Arse It Is (To Run Into You Again)
8. Errol
Mark Seymour:
9. Classrooms and Kitchens
10. When The River Runs Dry
11. Courtroom 32
12. What’s A Few Men?
13. Holy Grail
14. Throw Your Arms Around Me
15. Westgate
16. Do It Again [Steely Dan]
17. April Sun in Cuba [Dragon]
18. Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love To Town [Mel Tillis; Kenny Rogers]
19. Ship of Fools [World Party]
20. Elenore [The Turtles]
21. Oh No Not You Again
22. Do You See What I See?
23. Woodstock [Joni Mitchell]
24. The Boys Light Up
25. Say Goodbye
26. Helpless [Neil Young]
27. Psycho Killer [Talking Heads]

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Statement on Steve Price Use of Holy Grail

Stuart : 21 July 2016 22:31 : News

This week Hunters and Collectors asked the producers of Steve Price’s radio show to cease using ‘Holy Grail’ in its intro segment.

In the ensuing days some wildly inaccurate claims have been made in the media as to why and how we did this.

So let’s set the record straight shall we?

First of all, Steve Price was not ‘forced’ or ‘made’ to stop using the song. No recording artist has control over radio airplay unless the song is used to sell or endorse a product..

Otherwise radio has no legal obligation to seek permission from the artist.

In making the request we acknowledged this fact. There was a clear understanding between the producer and our representative that Steve had to give his consent.

Secondly, the first time the band even became aware that Steve Price was using ‘Holy Grail’ in his show was at the beginning of this week when we received a flood of mail from fans expressing their concern and disappointment that ‘Holy Grail’ was being used in this way.

As to whether or not our fans were responding to Steve’s recent appearance on Q&A was never made clear. As we all well know, Steve travels far and wide. It may have been the central reason but we didn’t respond on that basis.

Rather, we were prompted by the deep respect we have for the feelings of all in the Hunters family so any concerns they might have as to how our music is used are taken very seriously indeed.

On balance, we came to the conclusion that our fans’ concerns were deeply felt and demanded a response.

Consequently we asked Steve Price politely would he consider changing the intro music to his show on the basis that we were uncomfortable with its use..

Steve Price agreed in good faith to our request and took ‘Holy Grail’ out of the show.

Lastly, the only direct comment we are prepared to make as to any underlying reason for making the request is that as a band, we simply do not agree with the political views Steve airs on his show. We acknowledge he has every right to express them as he sees fit but we still regard the use of ‘Holy Grail’ as a tacit endorsement of those views.

That’s it.

No further comment will be made..

See Ya!

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Epic Brass Set List

Stuart : 10 July 2016 16:56 : News

Jack Howard & Epic Brass
Memo Music Hall, 2 Albert Street, St Kilda, Victoria, Australia
9 July 2016

A number of rare Hunters songs included – even the unreleased Rendering Room from 1981!

Includes guest appearances by Barry Palmer, Doug Falconer and John Archer.

Set #1:
Swing For the Crime (The Saints)
Sometimes (Laughing Clowns)
I Couldn’t Give It To You (Hunters & Collectors)
Sailor’s Dream (Wet Taxis)
Nick the Stripper (The Birthday Party) – vocals Penny Ikinger
The Feel (X) – vocals Steve Lucas
Don’t Cry No Tears (X) – vocals Steve Lucas
Cold Cold Change (Midnight Oil)
Preacher From the Black Lagoon (Models) – vocals Sean Kelly
Talking to a Stranger (Hunters & Collectors) – vocals Sean Kelly

Set #2:
Blind Eye (Hunters & Collectors)
Best of Both Worlds (Midnight Oil)
Who’s Watching Who (Jackson Code) – vocals Jack & Fiona Lee Maynard
Say Goodbye (Hunters & Collectors) – vocals Fiona Lee Maynard
Losing My Mind (Jack Howard)
Eternally Yours (Laughing Clowns) – vocals Ron Peno
D.C. (Died Pretty) – vocals Ron Peno
Tow Truck (Hunters & Collectors)
The Power and the Passion (Midnight Oil) – vocals Jack and Fiona Lee Maynard
Die Yuppie Die (Painters & Dockers) – vocals Paul Stewart
Know Your Product (The Saints) – vocals Paul Stewart

Beds Are Burning (Midnight Oil) – vocals Jack & Fiona Lee Maynard
Rendering Room (Hunters & Collectors)
Holy Grail (Hunters & Collectors)


(Thanks to Brucey at The Fall online forum for linking the songs to the artists!)


Mark Seymour Set List – 25 June 2016

Stuart : 26 June 2016 15:19 : News

Mark Seymour & The Undertow
Scrap Museum, Bakehouse Studios, Richmond, Victoria, Australia
25 June 2016

This was the second night of live recording for Mark’s upcoming live album, Roll Back the Stone. On the first night, the list was similar but Sylvia’s in Black was not played.

1. Home free
2. Courtroom 32
3. Holy Grail
4. Light on the Hill
5. Back in the Hole
6. Dog
7. Classrooms and Kitchens
8. Everything’s On Fire
9. Master Of Spin
10. The Ballad of the One Eyed Man
11. True Tears of Joy
12. Still Hanging ‘Round
13. When The River Runs Dry
14. What’s A Few Men?
15. Football Train
16. Say Goodbye
17. Two Dollar Punter
18. Castlemaine
19. Westgate
20. Throw Your Arms Around Me
21. Kosciusko
22. The Ghost of Vainglory
23. Walk Through Fire
24. Holy Grail
25. Back In The Hole
26. Sylvia’s In Black
27. The Slab


Experience Epic Brass

Stuart : 4 June 2016 18:08 : News

Jack Howard, the man behind the distinctive Hunters and Collectors Horns of Contempt, presents Epic Brass!

With his new show, Jack will be performing the great horn hits and hidden gems from the golden age of Australian Rock.

Think Midnight Oil, The Saints and Hunters and Collectors; plus some of the finest left-of-centre gems from The Laughing Clowns, X, The Wet Taxis and more.Epic Brass Poster

The Epic Brass Band is truly epic and features Sean Kelly (The Models), Ron Peno (Died Pretty), Paulie Stewart (Painters and Dockers), Steve Lucas (X), Penny Ikinger (Wet Taxis) and Fiona Lee Maynard.

Jack will be joined by some of Melbourne’s finest to present these classic songs.

Don’t miss this unique and sensational show!

Date: Saturday the 9th of July 2016.

Time: Doors 7:30pm; show from around 8:40pm to 11pm with intermission.

Venue: The Memo Music Hall, 88 Acland Street, St Kilda (enter via Albert Street).

Tickets:$35 for reserved; $28 general admission from Memo Music.

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Mark Seymour Live Recording – You Are Invited!

Stuart : 28 May 2016 18:38 : News

*** 28  May 2016 Update *** Tickets to the recordings are now sold out – but you can still support the project by pre-ordering the live double album!

*** 21 May 2016 Update *** Saturday night is sold out – and only 22 tickets remain for Friday night!

Punters are invited to join an exclusive recording experience for an upcoming Mark Seymour and The Undertow live album, Roll Back The Stone.

Only 75 tickets are being sold for each of two concerts, to be held on Friday the 24th of June and Saturday the 25th of June 2016. The venue is the Bakehouse, which is located at 27-29 Hoddle Street in Richmond (Melbourne), Australia. On both nights, doors open at 7pm with the concert starting at 8pm.

For supporting Roll Back The Stone with a A$100 ticket, you will also received CD and digital copies of the album on release, along with your name in the ‘thank you’ section of the CD. Digital copies of Roll Back The Stone may also be purchased separately for A$15, while CD copies which include a digital copy are available for A$30.

Click here to visit PledgeMusic for more information and to make your pledge!

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Barry Palmer involved in Vampr App

Stuart : 20 May 2016 10:52 : News

Barry Palmer has been working with Melbourne musician Josh Simons to create an app called Vampr, which claims to be “the muso’s equivalent of the Tinder dating app.” It aims to link like minded musicians together for playing in bands while on the road.

Check out the Sydney Morning Herald article.

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Mark Seymour and James Reyne Touring

Stuart : 11 April 2016 18:57 : News

It’s been a long time between beverages for Mark Seymour and James Reyne, who will be touring later in the year for the first time since 2007.

Here is the full list of dates!

July 29, Melbourne, Palms At Crown
August 4, Thirroul, Anita’s Theatre
August 5, Penrith, Panthers
August 6, Sydney, Metro
August 12, Tweed Heads, Twin Towns
August 19, Hobart, Wrest Point
August 20, Launceston, Country Club
August 26, Adelaide, The Gov
September 2, Perth, The Charles Hotel
September 9, Castle Hill, Castle Hill Tavern
September 10, Wentworthville, Wenty Leagues Club
September 16, Brisbane, The Triffid

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Mark Seymour Brisbane Setlists

Stuart : 6 March 2016 21:28 : News

A certain Hunters and Collectors song, which got a very limited run live at the time, has appeared! 🙂


Saturday 5 March 2016
Harrigan’s Tavern, Jacobs Well, Queensland

Football Train
Do You See What I See?
Two Dollar Punter
Courtroom 32
Holy Grail
Throw Your Arms Around Me
Still Hanging ‘Round
Say Goodbye


Sunday 6 March 2016
Sandstone Point Hotel, Sandstone Point, Queensland

Football Train
Do You See What I See?
Two Dollar Punter
Courtroom 32
Holy Grail
Throw Your Arms Around Me
Still Hanging ‘Round
Say Goodbye

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Join The Passing Parade

Stuart : 14 February 2016 09:52 : News

Jack Howard has had his Prince moment with his latest release, the beautiful 6-track EP, The Passing Parade. Performed, produced, programmed and written by Jack, it’s at once familiar yet full of new sounds and voices.

Jack’s long-time compadre, Nicky Del Rey, features with typically brilliant and inventive guitar and Heather Michael (from Jack’s Bacharach band) adds some divine backing vocals; but the rest is all Jack – the rich voice and trumpet, the subtly arranged horns, the big choruses.

The opening track, A Foggy Night, starts with the swirling sound of four reverb-soaked flugel horns from which emerge a simple electronic beat and twisted guitars. The words tell a tale of late night yearning and empty freeways.

Six tracks – from the anthemic Simple Men and the drama of Don’t Freeze Me Out – and Jack continues to offer up high-quality, engrossing, genre-free music.

Join The Passing Parade in CD and or digital form at Jack’s Bandcamp.

Out now!

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New Jack Video – A Foggy Night

Stuart : 6 February 2016 09:14 : News

Be sure to check out Jack Howard’s new video from his upcoming EP, A Foggy Night, to be released on the 22nd of February. We can pre-order in digital and or CD at bandcamp (

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The Passing Parade EP

Stuart : 30 January 2016 19:57 : News

Good news punters!

Jack has a new EP, The Passing Parade, featuring six songs, due for release on the 22nd of February!

Here’s the front cover… 🙂

Passing Parade front

Passing Parade front cover

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Mayday on Best of 2015 List

Stuart : 9 January 2016 10:46 : News

Music journo Jeff Jenkins has given Mark Seymour and the Undertow’s Mayday album a nod as the best album of 2015 over at Stack Magazine!

“This is the story of modern Australia, where it’s ‘one rule for the filthy rich, another one for the weak’, the nation is filled with ‘celebrities and sycophants’, desperate people seek asylum, shock jocks are ‘screamin’, and musicians are searching for meaning. The Undertow might lack numbers, but they’re capable of delivering both power and poignancy… Mayday is deeply moving.” (Liberation/Universal)

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Mark Seymour Statement on Reclaim Australia

Stuart : 22 November 2015 21:57 : News

I’ve just been informed that ‘Reclaim Australia’ are using ‘Holy Grail’ at their rallies.

Let me be clear. ‘Reclaim Australia’ is a racist organisation.

We stand together with refugees and asylum seekers the world over.

We are opposed to bigotry, race hate and fascism.

‘Reclaim Australia’ has no place in Australian Society.

Mark Seymour

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Complete Jaws of Life Tabs

Stuart : 21 November 2015 18:47 : News

With the tabbing of I Couldn’t Give It To You, Hunter’s bassist John Archer has now tabbed every instrument in every song of the Jaws of Life album! What a legend!

Check out the tabs page.

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The Way To Go Out tab

Stuart : 6 November 2015 17:21 : News

Hunters bass player John Archer continues his quest through the mighty Jaws of Life album today with the complete tab for The Way To Go Out!

Check out the tabs page!

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Anthology Out Now!

Stuart : 3 September 2015 17:41 : News

They are anthems for a generation, songs that define an era in Australian music.

“The real essence of rock music,” Mark Seymour pondered at the end of 1983, “it’s just passion, it’s just really pure.”

More than three decades later, that statement is a neat summation of the new Hunters & Collectors collection, which is simply titled Anthology.

These 40 songs tell the tale of a remarkable 18 years, from the band’s early alternative days at St Kilda’s Crystal Ballroom – when Rolling Stone dubbed them “white punks on funk” – to their years as a touring machine, playing to the suburban masses in sweaty beer barns.

“We felt that if we couldn’t convey something to normal people who work nine-to-five then we might as well forget it,” Mark Seymour explained in 1985.

This was an Australian band unlike any other. Their unforgettable debut single, “Talking To A Stranger”, was inspired by Charles Baudelaire’s “The Albatross”; the timeless “Throw Your Arms Around Me” is the Aussie classic that was recorded three times but was never a big chart hit; “The Slab” is an ode to onanism; while a song about Napoleon’s chef, “Holy Grail”, ended up becoming a footy anthem.

Mushroom Records started a new subsidiary, the White Label, to sign Hunters & Collectors. The band demanded artistic control. Mushroom boss Michael Gudinski famously likened dealing with them to dealing with the Communist Party.

This is a story of egalitarianism. The collaborative energy of a rumbling rhythm section and the blistering Horns of Contempt, with songs that captured the brutal beauty of the Australian landscape.

“We’ve always aimed to sound Australian,” Mark Seymour noted in 1986. Drummer Doug Falconer called it “The Great Aussie Tug”, referring to the roaring backbeat necessary in a pub environment.

For a generation of punters, these songs provided the soundtrack to their gig-going years. A Hunters & Collectors gig was a tribal experience. Paul Kelly remembers seeing the band in the ’80s, when they were “gathering an army”.

“Their audience was mainly young men, hungry for devotion,” Paul observed in his memoir. “Hunnas had a big, fat industrial bass sound, an anthemic horn section, and their singlet-clad singer, as fit as a trout, held nothing back.”

At the start of the ’90s, asked how he would like to be remembered, Mark Seymour responded: “I suppose if there is one thing that I’d like to be remembered for artistically, it’s getting all those people singing, ‘You don’t make me feel like I’m a woman any more.’”

Hunters & Collectors were Australia’s Last Great Pub Rock Band.

“They defined new parameters for Australian music,” critic Toby Creswell wrote when he was editor of Rolling Stone. “And Mark Seymour’s lyrics captured the Australian experience in a way no other writer has.”

Anthology – culled from the band’s nine albums – follows the Hunnas’ live re-formation, which coincided with the chart-topping tribute album, Crucible, and saw the band perform at the AFL Grand Final and do shows with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band and The Rolling Stones. The tour won the 2014 Helpmann Award for Best Australian Contemporary Concert, but the band is adamant there will be no new Hunters & Collectors albums.

This is it. And Anthology shows why Hunters & Collectors mattered – and why they still do.

Click here to view on iTunes.

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Mark Seymour Set List – 15 August

Stuart : 17 August 2015 12:03 : News

Incredible sold out gig in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley…

Mark Seymour & The Undertow
Old Museum, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane
15 August 2015

  1. Red Flags
  2. Two Dollar Punter
  3. Football Train
  4. Courtroom 32
  5. Castlemaine
  6. Carry Me Home
  7. Irish Breakfast
  8. Jerusalem
  9. The Light on the Hill
  10. Master of Spin
  11. Throw Your Arms Around Me
  12. True Tears of Joy
  13. Lorelei
  14. Home Free
  15. Westgate
  16. When The River Runs Dry
  17. Beside You
  18. Classrooms and Kitchens
  19. Kosciusko
  20. Asylum
  21. Say Goodbye
  22. Sylvia’s In Black
  23. Cry In The Rain
  24. The Red Lady’s Gone
  25. Fifo
  26. The Legend of the Snowmen
  27. Parting Glass
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