Saturday Gig Bits and Pieces

Stuart : 6 December 2011 12:00 : News

The latest important bits from the Hunna’s reformation on Saturday… 🙂

  • Check out a Sydney Morning Herald video on the Hunters and Collectors reformation last weekend – including some sound check video.
  • T-shirts will be available soon through LovePolice as not all were sold at the gig (the merchandise stand was in a terrible place).
  • No official recording was made at the gig.
  • Bootleg video is on YouTube – check out Talking to a Stranger, Where Do You Go?, 42 Wheels, Skin of Our Teeth, Holy Grail, The Slab, Dog and Throw Your Arms Around Me.
  • Please send your photos to webmaster Stuart at – and we will put the best online!
  • Future gigs are not ruled in and not ruled out 🙂
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Sydney Reunion Gig

Stuart : 5 December 2011 12:00 : News

The 3rd of December 2011 was a critical date for Hunters and Collectors fans. While there had been brief reunions – eight songs at Sound Relief, two for the ARIA Hall of Fame, an occasional lunch – this was the first full gig. 17 songs introduced a whole new generation to the Hunnas in the live environment.

The three great shirt designs that were available at this gig – on paper for the V8’s at Homebush in Sydney – are available for purchase. Click here to buy the t-shirts!

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The Set List!

Stuart : 3 December 2011 12:00 : News

Hunters and Collectors, 3 December 2011, Homebush, Sydney, Australia!

  1. Little Chalkie
  2. Do You See What I See?
  3. Talking to a Stranger
  4. Stuck on You
  5. Head Above Water
  6. True Tears of Joy
  7. Where Do You Go?
  8. Inside A Fireball
  9. 42 Wheels
  10. When the River Runs Dry
  11. Skin of Our Teeth
  12. Blind Eye
  13. Holy Grail
  14. Say Goodbye
  15. [Encore break]
  16. Dog
  17. The Slab
  18. Throw Your Arms Around Me

More details to come…!

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Stuart : 3 December 2011 08:00 : News

Hunters and Collectors – live today at 9:30pm – first full gig since 1998 – ANZ Stadium, Homebush, Sydney – see you there!

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Last Minute Tips!

Stuart : 2 December 2011 15:00 : News

We have the following last minute tips for Saturday’s gig…

  • Jack recommends not standing in front of the bass amp 😉
  • Check out the stage plan!
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Saturday Gig Times!

Stuart : 1 December 2011 12:00 : News

Saturday 9:30pm for the first gig since 1998!

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Spare T-Shirts?

Stuart : 1 December 2011 11:00 : News

It’s the question everyone is asking… and the answer is…

Hunters and Collectors shirts not sold at the V8’s on Saturday will be available from Love Police, the affable crew who are making the shirts.

Click here to go to the Love Police online store.

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News Archive

Stuart : 30 November 2011 16:45 : News

For all news items that were published on True Believers from July 2001 to November 2011, please click here.

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